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Region 4 - Dawn Centre Christmas Party

23rd December 2011

Another successful Christmas Party was held at the Dawn Centre, homeless shelters in Leicester on Friday 23rd December 2011 by the Youth in Leicester. A great time was had by all. The party started with a Tower Building activity, time was allocated to build a tower from newspapers. Everyone was split into two teams and each had the task of creating the highest tower with the least amount of newspaper and sellotape. This caused lots of laughs and some questionable towers that needed human support, especially when one of the rules was to build in silence. Overall it was a great effort from both teams with the Sai Youth working alongside the residents.

Everyone pulled crackers with each other, shared jokes and wore the hats before the next activity "Name that Tune". The theme was taken from classic TV shows, questions had to be answered as fast as possible. Some very competitive and loud personalities were first to answer almost every tune! This was followed by a Pop Quiz which everyone clearly enjoyed with the amount of laughing going on, the teams worked well together.

Almost every resident took the microphone and sang a song for Karaoke, one of the ex-residents, even rapped about his troubles when he used to live at the Dawn Centre and thanked the administrators at the Centre for their help in setting him up with a better future.

The night ended by singing a remix of the "12 days of Christmas", with rapping and beatboxing. The devotees from Leicester had sent gifts for the residents which included warm socks, gloves and hats.

Sashi Parmar