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Region 3 - Christmas Celebrations

Colchester Group Christmas Celebrations

The programme started with prayers. This was followed by Christmas carols, songs and bhajans sung individually and in unison. All credit to the bhajan coordinator for selecting and arranging the songs.

The full moon was visible through the skylight and gave the feeling that Swami was looking down on us! It was a wonderful experience. Finally everyone enjoyed the cakes and the mince pies.

Ilford Sai Centre Christmas Celebration at St. Peters & Paul Church
17th December 2011

Christmas celebration started with Gayathri mantras, multi-faith prayers, Vedam chanting followed by sweet devotional songs by the Ilford centre musicians and choir group.

The programme continued with a candle lit procession by all the children in the centre followed with a variety of uplifting Christmas carols led by the musicians and choir group and joined by the whole congregation. A wonderful power point presentation of the Carols and energising Holy Scriptures accompanied the sweet sounds in the mandir which proved to be the food of love.

Devotees were enthralled by readings and personal experiences from the children about Xmas. Santa entered the hall and distributed sweets to all the devotees and presented the children, the committee members and the musicians and choir group with Christmas gifts.

The evening continued with vibrant music and unisons bhajans which was followed by a talk from brother Deepak who has been blessed by Swami on several occasions for his fantastic musical work in Prashanti.

The programme concluded with Aarti and prasadam which totally energised the congregation. It was a very moving evening which touched hearts and souls of everyone present and left a loving smile on everyones face.

Sheila Ring
Spiritual Coordinator, Ilford Sai Centre

Joyous Christmas day at Manor Park

It is a lonely and depressing time for the elderly who have nowhere to go and nobody to care for, deprived of hot meals, warmth and love. For most of us the festive period is a time to relax and enjoy being with our families but for many elderly it is not so. We seem to be changing Holy days to Holidays and the good Lord does not wish to be on our guest list.

However in Manor Park in East London, this familiar story at Christmas is re-written and the lonely elderly look forward to coming to the Froud Community Centre to be pampered by the Sai devotees of Manor Park Sai Centre. For the last 19 years the Sai devotees of Manor Park have assisted the Froud Centre to give a truly festive feeling to the lonely and elderly.
This year too, the volunteers at Manor Park Centre drove the elderly to the Froud Centre showered them with hot drinks, hot Christmas lunch lovingly prepared and served by them. During lunch the elderly were looked after by the volunteers who chatted with them. They were also entertained by playing BINGO and also took part in "give a clue" game organised by the Sai volunteers. The crowded programme also gave them a chance to listen to the Queen's speech.

In the afternoon the local Priest Rev. Brian Lewis came and spoke to the elderly. Later Carols were sung and a beautiful day ended with the elderly people praising the volunteers and the Froud Centre. The Elderly were also given Christmas gifts as they left.
This is truly a Christmas gift given by Swami to the Sai devotees to serve him.

Navin Raval Chair Manor Park Sai Centre