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Region 1 - Christmas Celebrations

Region 1 congregated at Wimbledon Sai Centre for its annual Christmas celebration on the evening of Saturday 17 December. Starting with multi-faith prayers, the evening comprised various items led by SSE students, such as group devotional songs, a nativity play from Merton, readings from Tooting and Brixton, a medley of songs and carols from Wimbledon and – with very little notice and only one practice – a reunion of the Region 1 element of the National SSE Choir, who finished their set with a rousing rendition of “Samasta Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu”.

The special guest for the evening was Rev Andrew Wakefield (Vicar), a local priest actively involved in inter-faith events. Rev Andrew Wakefield, taking his cue from the nativity play having just been staged, talked about life being a journey – indeed, how we were all making spiritual journies.

After a surprise visit from a certain bearded red-clothed person, who shall remain nameless, and closing devotional songs and aaratee, the assembly retired to the dining room for a sumptuous feast.

The smiles on the faces of all clearly showed that Christmas had definitely arrived a week early in Region 1!