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Youth Wing - January 2012 Update

Swami said, “He has come in search of His old companions, in search of His instruments, in search of people who will carry out His work and be Messengers of God” - Sri Sathya Sai Baba - God in Action.

Last year the Youth Wing focused on working in unity with the Wings, Regions and Centres, so that we could learn from the valued experience of the elders. We should all continue to encourage this vital relationship, with the elders moulding the youth in upholding Swami's message of Love in Action.

Even if we do not have Swami's physical form, He continues to live within all of us in our actions. I look back and can see how my own Centre Chair took me as a youth, under her wing and embodied Swami's message of Love in Action. The late Mrs Puri was very much devoted to Swami and ensured that the Centre devotees were treated as Swami Himself. I have a high regard for all who serve and pray that we may all work together for the future generations to come. We are part of His Story and I pray that the New Year brings us closer and closer to our true selves.

Jamie Raju
National Youth Coordinator

Region 1 and Region 3 Youth Service Activity

On 16th December, Region 1 and Region 3 youth collaborated in a joint service project as part of their monthly youth activity called “Hands that help are holier than lips that pray”, hosted by youth from Tooting Sai Centre at the Sai Mandir in Merton.

The aim was to make 108 hampers within 2 hours, for a homeless shelter called The Passage, based in London Victoria. Each centre across both Regions were assigned with the task of collecting items in advance comprising; sleeping bags, thermos/flasks, hat, scarves, gloves and blankets with each hamper itself being made on the 16th December by Region 1 and 3 youth. Support was also given from Centre Chairs and Service Co-ordinators in collecting items.

All 108 hampers were made and nicely decorated as a Christmas gift to those that go to The Passage, with approximately 40 youth in attendance.

Two representatives from The Passage, Andrew and Miranda, came to collect the hampers and also address the youth. Andrew spoke about what The Passage do and the history of the shelter, where they provide facilities for the homeless to bathe and eat as well as providing counselling and support groups. Miranda spoke about her role in co-ordinating and working with many organisations to help serve those that are homeless on the streets of London, informing us about the many service opportunities there are across London.

“Hands that help..” was a great success, but it was the “many hands making light work” that made it achievable, with two Regions collaborating with unity together with the support given by the Centre Chairs and Service Co-ordinators.

Shyam Jamnadas
Region 1 Youth Co-ordinator