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Region 2 - New Years Eve Prayers

On Saturday 31st December 2011, Sai devotees from all over Region 2 gathered to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Oxhey Wood School rang with the vibrations of numerous bhajans, as members of all the centres in the Region were invited to a two-hour open session to sing their prayers and pleas to our dearest Bhagawan. Light filled the hallways as angels in disguise worked and served tirelessly – serving the refreshments, managing the PA, decorating the beautiful altar and so much more. Swami graced us with beautiful connections throughout the whole bhajan session, after which the clock struck twelve, and a minute’s silence was followed by Aums and Vedic Chanting.

We welcomed the New Year with Ganesh, Guru and Maa bhajans before offering the Aarathi to Swami – a silent thank you for all that he has done for us in the past year of physical, mental and spiritual trials. After chanting the Kshama Prarthana, the evening concluded with a few selected readings from Swami’s discourses. The evening drew our Sai family together with a beautiful send-off to 2011 & warm welcome to 2012, and the promise of a better year to come.

Thank you Swami, for blessing us with such a wonderful start to the year.

Article submitted by Sister Brintha Premachandra (Centre Chair of Sai Centre Harrow West)