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Region 8 - Medicare Initiatives from Scotland

With Godís grace we have all come to a land of prosperity and settled here in UK. We are fortunate to enjoy our lives in a calm, unpolluted place with good schooling, good housing and good water /electricity facilities. Whilst we are fortunate to enjoy these wonderful facilities, we have fellow beings in the developing countries that are not as fortunate.

Bhagawan Baba always reminds us of our responsibilities to repay back to the society which has nourished us.

We can serve the poor, the Daridra Narayana, as The Lord presents Himself in that form too. Our education would have no value if we cannot put our knowledge gained through society to practice and thereby serve the needy. This in turn will certainly help us, our generation, and our future generations to prosper.

Towards that aim, the region has been engaging medical professionals in the community in lectures to raise their knowledge in variety of medical fields, opportunities to treat medical problems encountered in developing countries and their healthcare solutions.

As a follow up, medical professionals are encouraged to enrol in medical camps so that Medicare activities can be delivered effectively in developing countries. Indeed, a very noble way of living in Love and sharing that Love with everyone around us.

The first phase of medical lectures have been organised; these would be delivered fortnightly by Consultants from various specialities. These include ENT, Psychiatry, Dermatology, CVS, RS, GIT, Renal, CNS, Endocrine, Paediatric, Infectious Diseases, Ophthalmology, Bites, Gynaecology and Surgery.

In fact, the first lecture was delivered at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary on the 28th January 2012 by Dr. Bhaskar Ram, on common ENT DISORDERS seen in the community. He laid out simple treatment plans for these problems. Topics covered included allergy, rhinitis, sinusitis, nose bleeds and nasal trauma.

Several medical professionals attended this session drawn from Anaesthetists, Psychiatrist and Paediatricians.

For those interested in further information, please contact

Dr Bhaskar Ram
Region 8 Chair Person