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Region 1 - YAP: "My Sai and I"

In His mercy, the Lord has divided the endless stream of Time into days, weeks, months and years, so that we may greet each one with renewed commitment to the spiritual journey we have chosen to undertake. The birth of 2012 is just one such opportunity – a chance for us all to look back at an extraordinary year gone by, and look forward to the limitless potential of a new one!

Thus, with much optimism and energy, the Youth of Region 1 met on Friday 20th January at the Sai Mandir, as part of their monthly YAP (Young Adults Programme).

The topic for January’s session, ‘My Sai and I’, was introduced by Region 1 Youth Co-ordinator, Aberamy Gnaneswaran. This was shortly followed by a talk by Saiganesh Ketheeswaran, who declared that, as young adult, he felt supremely blessed to be a Sai Youth and to be able to dedicate his time to Swami’s work. Saiganesh expressed his belief that all youth must first have self-confidence, since nothing is impossible, while we have the Lord and Master by our side.

A video clip showing excerpts from several Divine Discourses was then played, allowing the gathered youth to hear, from the Lord himself, His expectations of His Youth.

Following this, Reena Jamnadas spoke movingly about many beautiful incidents she had experienced whilst on group trips to Prashanti, highlighting that it is the journey and learning we go on that is important.

After watching a short but beautiful video compilation, recapping the youth activities of the past year in Region 1, the youth were asked to consider how the Regional Youth Wing could move forward in 2012. Dividing up into four groups, we discussed several topics, such as how we thought the organisation could cater for our individual needs, and what activities we most enjoyed taking part in.

Listening to the various opinions and suggestions given, National Youth Co-ordinator, Shyam Jamnadas promised that he would work towards ensuring that 2012 was a year of action. He then shared with the group several poignant incidents from his own life and journey as a youth, explaining that Swami is the do-er and we are the instruments of His Divine work.

The evening ended with a motivational video of several talks by the actor Will Smith, speaking about the importance of belief, faith, willpower and self-confidence, pointing out that nothing is impossible if one has these traits.

All the youth left the Sai Mandir feeling energised and determined to make 2012 a worthy offering at the Divine Lotus Feet.

"Oh Lord, does your Divine hand not ache from holding aloft that bright light that guides us through the dark forest of this Samsara? Do we, who have so often chosen to turn our heads, still deserve a place of shade under the Divine Kalpa Vrksha? Do not be deaf to our prayers, Oh Lord, Anyatha Sharanam Nasthi, Twameva Sharanam Mamaam!"

Jai Sai Ram
Sairaj Puvinathan, Merton Sai Centre