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Region 6 - i-2-I Self Knowledge Workshop: "Who am I?"

The second session of Region 6 Self Knowledge workshops was held on the 15th January, at the Park Barn Community Centre in Guildford, Surrey; following on from the first session, which was an introduction into the Self Knowledge workshops, exploring Swami’s teachings on Consciousness and Awareness.

The workshop was attended pre-dominantly by Sai Youth from Region 6 and was facilitated with great skill and insight by Beverley Kissoon;

This workshop focussed on the question “Who am I?” and the nature of our thoughts.
Swami has always said “Master the senses master the mind, be a Mastermind.” In order to gain any mastery over the mind, we must first gain an understanding of how we think, why we think that – verily, the nature of our thoughts.

In the first workshop we were asked to keep a thought diary to record thoughts and reactions. The morning session of the second workshop was taken up by relating our discoveries to see what we have noticed about our own thinking. Some common themes arose, such as realising our thoughts naturally digress to the pre-conceived perception we have of ourselves and is then reinforced by our egotistical tendencies, thoughts are based on the references we have to the past. This led to begin questioning of who we really are – as we realised we must be something more than just thoughts

Later on in the day the youth carried out an exercise where they asked each other “Who Am I?” The usual responses came up, such as “I am a Sai devotee”, “I am a youth”, “I am caring”, “I am humorous”, “I am sweet” etc. One member of the group was bold enough to say “I am God” straightaway!! Very much in line with what Swami says about His devotees. Again we realised we must be something other than just these thought labels and concepts. Most importantly we began to question who is this “I” we keep assigning attributes to?

Swami has said, “Who is this “I”? Who am “I”? This “I” is not the body, nor the mind, nor the intellect, I is just I….If you know yourself, then you will also know about the other I’s. This is reason why the question “Who am I?” is very important,” (p 63 Summer Showers in Brindavan 2000).

Once we had identified this “I” the rest of the day was spent in discovering and seeking further knowledge into who or what this “I” is. This involved exercises and role plays, using a variety of a simple everyday object - cups, to understand the nature of consciousness and its all pervasiveness as the basis of the Universe and Swami’s creation.

By the end of the session, we had all gained further understanding into the important question of “Who Am I?”, and seek to practice and cogitate upon the teachings Swami has mentioned on this topic.

We look forward with anticipation to the next instalment of our Self Knowledge quest!!

Sai Ram
Ajay Pankhania