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Education Wing - "Education for Transformation"

The SSE wing vision for 2012 is to continue to be inspired by Bhagawan’s teachings whilst we innovate as gurus to adapt to the modern scenarios so as to enable a silent transformation in our children to become exemplary citizens of the world.

To enable us to realize this we have to First Be: as teachers and parents we need to connect to our source, to our Beloved Swami’s Life and Message through study forums, study days and study circles within our centres and regions.

Then Do: Teacher training days within regions will continue to be held with a focus on new approaches to Group 3. Basic Level Master Trainer’s training programme will also be held to support regions with their own pool of SSE Basic trainers.

And Tell: The children, teachers, parents and supporters of SSE will unite as a nation to celebrate National Eswaramma Day on 5th May 2012, a day that our Beloved Swami dedicated as Children’s Day to celebrate the ‘Glory of Motherhood’. Our beloved Swami has often told us that we should love, honour and respect our parents. Our gratitude is to be shown not just to our mother who has given birth to us (dehamaatha), but also to mother nature who encompasses all living beings (gomaatha), mother earth (bhoomaatha), our motherland (deshamaatha) or country and our holy scriptures (vedamaatha). The day will honour ‘The Five Mothers’ through prayer, group devotional singing, interactive activities, talks, children’s performances to name but a few.

In addition there will be a number of activities that our children, teachers and parents will be involved in that takes place at centre and regional level throughout the year. As the Olympic fever reaches a crescendo this summer, our very own regional Sai Family Olympics will be getting ready to unite to celebrate team spirit, perseverance, skill, discipline, cooperation and offer it as a token of our love to our Bhagawan. We offer our sincere and loving prayers to our Beloved Bhagawan to guide us at every step in this journey of inner transformation that we are making.

Vidyulatha Narayan
National SSE Coordinator