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Service Wing - 2012 Vision

“The Fulfilment of human life consists in the service that man renders without any thought of return, in an attitude of selflessness”

Nationally our service wing undertakes a vast range of activities. These include supporting SSSOHE, hygiene workshops, tree planting, meals on wheels, visiting elderly, soup runs, health awareness clinics and blood & marrow donations. These activities are ongoing and have been sustained for a number of years, serving either individuals or associations outside of the organisation. The wing is also active in national, regional and centre/group programmes all over the UK and last year we participated in the largest number of national programmes.

The progression of the wing over the coming year, in addition to the above will plan to add further activities including regional service training days. The training will include aspects of increasing our understanding of the spiritual significance of serving and also undertake some training related to the processes such as hygiene workshops, project management, catering, disaster relief etc.

A National Socio Care Coordinating Committee will be instigated and will coordinate and investigate avenues for expanding our services to the community at large.

An initial meeting of the National Health Care Coordinating Committee took place at the end of last year. This committee, including specialists from the health care profession, will provide support and guidance to health related activities like health awareness clinics, and will also oversee the international medical camps.

Regarding the operation of the wing, we will look at areas of expertise in project management, catering, disaster relief and review the skills, resources and inventory we have within the organisation over the coming months.

More information on our journey will follow over the coming months. I look forward to all of us marching forward together towards our goal and what will be an exciting and uplifting experience.


Prema & Jyoti,
In Sai Service,

Mukund Patel
National Service Coordinator