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Spiritual Wing - Sai Centres for Spiritual Unity

‘The sole object of Sathya Sai Centres, the very breath on which they thrive, is the consciousness of unity of all as one. But the politics of proliferation attacks the Centres too, and ten people develop into eleven institutions! Such tactics and tendencies will not fit in with Associations of aspirants towards the goal of spiritual unity. Sathya Sai Centres are built on love, they thrive on love, they spread love. No other emotion or attitude has any place therein. Divinity is the magnet, humanity is the iron, and love or Bhakti is the force that brings them together. The Ashanti (peacelessness) from which human beings suffer today should disappear; they should attain Prashanti (inner deep-rooted peace). This is the aim of these institutions initiated by Me. Serve Me, serve yourself by being true, loving, and active; and so be examples of truth, love and service to others.’

-SSS Speaks Vol.6, p 248

Bhagawan Baba says that the Sathya Sai Centre is a key unit, in fact the heart, of the Sathya Sai Organisation. All our individual experiences too testify this statement. We often find that the ‘spiritual’ (God-centred) energy of the Centre helps to sustain us, and propel us in our journey as aspirants of Truth; whilst at times, when we choose to divert our focus from this God-centredness, we find ourselves in the Centres facing innumerable challenges on this journey. Thus, the principal focus of the Spiritual Wing activities 2012 will be towards enhancing the ‘God-centred’ energy in all our Centres across the country.

Prayerful chanting of the Divine Name of the Lord with love and sincerity-irrespective of the name, form, language or the tune used for the chanting - has an instantaneous and salutary effect in calming the mind and illumining our inner self with ineffable joy and peace. Group and community prayers especially have an amplifying effect that fill the environment with this illumination, thus resonating joy and peace in all lives and in all hearts. Bhagawan Baba has said that unity of faiths is the main plank of Sai Organisations and the cardinal principle on which they work. Thus the Spiritual Wing in all Centres will work with devotees and wings in organising ‘Community Prayer Sessions’ on a regular basis, with the involvement of interested participants from different faiths in their communities. The National Interfaith Committee and the National Music Team, along with the counterpart Regional Interfaith and Music Teams, will support the Centres as necessary in all their efforts to enhance the ‘God-centred’ (spiritual) energy.

The sincere and devoted study of Sai Literature illumines our intellects, educates our minds and fills our hearts with joy, love and peace. The Supreme Lord has chosen to incarnate amidst us, and chosen a few like us to be the recipients of His Divine Love and Wisdom. He chose to write and speak to us in volumes of Sathya Sai Speaks, 15 volumes of Vahinis, and 14 volumes of Summer Showers. Through His Writings He chose to give us the essence of all scriptures and texts- Gita, Bible, Koran, etc- so as to enable us to speed up on our journey of lifetimes towards the goal of realising our Divine Truth. Now it’s our turn to choose: To study His Writings in all reverence and humility, and not miss this sacred opportunity. Thus continuing from last year, the Spiritual Wing will be aiming to conduct Sai Literature Study Circles and Study Days based on Sathya Sai Speaks (Volumes 1-16) in all Centres across the UK. The National Study Group along with the Regional Study Teams will provide necessary support such as audiobooks, summary sheets, presentations, facilitators, etc.

Since Bhagawan Baba’s Mahasamadhi in April 2011, when the Cosmic Consciousness broke through the shackles It imposed on Itself, the paradigm shift Upwards in human consciousness has been palpable to each one of us within. All of us should be able to utilise this opportune moment to progress Onwards steadily, of course, but also rapidly. Having decided already to lead our lives as spiritual aspirants, we may as well resolve now to tread the path with renewed vigour and determination to reach our goal Godwards. Let us illumine ourselves and share it with those around us.

Sahana Vavathu Sahanau Bhunakthu Saha Veeryam Karavaavahai
Tejaswi Naa Va Dheethamasthu Maa Vidhvishaavahai
Om Shantih Shantih Shantihi

May He (Brahman) protect us together; may He nourish us together. May we work jointly with great energy; may our study be vigorous and effective. May we not dispute (or hate any). Let there be peace, peace, peace.

Dr. Veeru Mudigonda
National Spiritual Coordinator