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Service Wing - Experiences at Dang Medical Camp: Part 2

17 to 22 December 2011

The Medical camp to Dang was a truly life changing experience. From the moment we landed in Mumbai airport and were welcomed by warm smiling faces, I knew that this was going to be one of the best weeks of my life. The pre camp preparations proved to be a slow start to the health education project that I was part of, but once topics were assigned, things picked up very quickly. Researching topics such as malaria prevention, water safety and basic hygiene really opened my eyes to how important preventative medicine is. It was very useful and interesting to put the health and prevention knowledge from my Geography syllabus into practical posters. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting my childhood memories with drawing out things that were simple but had a deeper underlying message. For me, the greatest impact was the support and love from every single member of the camp. I truly felt like I was part of this very compassionate family. When running from doctor to doctor chasing up forms or distributing pre packs, I was asked if I had drunk at least half a bottle and if not, I would have to drink before I could leave. The love from everyone was truly amazing. Everything went so smoothly from the comfortable accommodation to the delicious food. The group bhajan sessions on the bus in the morning, was like a spiritual awakening and a great start to the hard work of the day ahead. This camp was carried out during my final year at school with the intention of studying Medicine at university.

It just happened that this camp followed with medical interview where I was specifically asked about my role in health education and everything I learnt from going to Gujarat. With a passion to study medicine, I already had done work experience in local hospitals and rural clinics. What I was exposed to in Dang was on a completely different level and was so interesting to see. Conditions which I had read in my Biology course were suddenly right in front of me. The doctors were very helpful with questions I had about particular cases or with their life as a doctor. I definitely expanded my knowledge but also gained appreciation for the variety of specialities and how they had to adapt to the surrounding resources available. For me, being able to see a cyst being removed in the mouth of a little girl really opened my eyes to how helpful and life changing this camp was. The medical aspect of the camp was a major part of this camp, but the management and organisation for successful running of it was another. I had never seen such an organised system with referral forms and sections of individual departments and patient history. I learnt more about the importance of continuity of care and how these documents were crucial to ensure successful follow up. On a personal level, this camp really changed the way I look at things in my day to day life. On a spiritual level, I learnt so much from all the experiences everyone had been through. Before the camp, getting the right balance was very difficult, particularly with things like peer pressure. Speaking to all these people, many who had been through what I am going through really made me realise how to deal with them and always keep God by my side. Since then, I have learnt the importance of surrender and seen the benefits in my day to day life. Overall, I am truly lucky to have been provided with such a great opportunity which exposed me to so many medical conditions but also life lessons. I am thankful to all the support I was given and the love from every member of the team.

Sai Sreenidhi Ram
Region 8