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Has God Really Gone?

Dearest Sai has now gone, it was quite a shock, He won't be there physically, when to Prasanthi we flock. To witness his mission, at this time to be alive, We are so very lucky, from this we must thrive.

He's transformed all our lives, our hearts he has touched, Through miracles and discourses, he's taught us so much. His life was his message, his smile was so wide, Just seeing his photo, our hearts melt inside.

From before we were born, before the very start, He's looked after us all, he lives in our hearts. His work and his message, will live on forever, Do you think he will leave us? No, not ever!

Why do you think, he chose Easter Sunday, He's reborn in our hearts, he's not gone away. The flame of his love, brighter it does glow, Sit quietly and feel it, and go with its flow.

The journey for us, is to tune our inner ear, And to feel him within us, always so near. For he's there with us all, he lives on inside, From our hearts he'll console, advise and guide.

He told us many times, that his darshan will flow, Out through our hearts, and to all whom we know. To love all and serve all, his message still lives on, Keep working keep striving, till our bad traits have gone. For we are all Gods, and we should spread love, I can see Swami up there, smiling from above. Everything is perfect, everything is divine, Don't worry, don't fear, just be you and just shine.

Sanjay Vaja