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Region 4 - Regional Orientation & Welcome Day

The Regional Orientation Day was held on Sunday 26th February, a beautiful, sunny winter’s day. Region 4 held its gathering at Soar Valley Community College, Leicester. The aim was to get together, focus ourselves and discuss plans announced at the National Orientation Day. The orientation was to concentrate our energies in the various wings of the Organisation and to do our very best for the devotees, centres and most importantly Bhagawan for this year, 2012.

The day started off with our new National Chair, Kiran Patel, welcoming the Region’s coordinators and devotees and reminding us of the importance of such gatherings and the need to have a clear focus for the present and the future of the Organisation. He also spoke of the importance of being one with Swami and having unity in the Organisation and in the Centres and Groups.

Workshops took place in the morning, entitled 'Heart to Heart': Workshops involved role plays and Bhagawan’s discourses. We discussed what is spirituality and the importance of being loving and spreading love in all we do and everywhere we go. The sisters enacted role plays to make the meaning of the messages clearer. We found it was important not to have ego, to remain humble and to remember Bhagawan is the doer and we are merely His instruments. We decided that acceptance of others and appreciating others’ views without judgement were also vital in our spiritual journeys. We could focus our energies on Love instead of money, on balance instead of hierarchy.

We were reminded of the quote WATCH: Watch our Words, Watch our Actions, Watch our Thoughts, Watch our Character and Watch our Heart. The synchronicity of this quote arose from its being the thought for the day on my calendar that morning.

Another Sai quote which struck me was, 'Love is my form, and so is yours.'

A further lesson was that we must have 100% involvement and 0% attachment; we must give up the outcome we desire and do our tasks with love and dedication to Bhagawan.

2012 - Year of Illumination

We gathered after a tasty lunch generously made and served by the ladies in the Service Wing. Afternoon commenced looking at, the aims of the Centres. The main aim being to enhance ‘spiritual ambience’ in all Centres. Importance was also placed on the Centres having God Centeredness.

Devotees - Centre - Local Community

We are to refocus our minds on our roles in the Organisation and the Centres. Universal prayer sessions, study circles and meditation are to be implanted in the Centres. Tree planting, multi-faith days and music programmes are on the spiritual agenda for this year. Service activities with which everyone can get involved; are blood donation, the "Bridge project" (in which the youth and adults have joined with a local church to provide an invaluable service for local homeless people), spreading love with music and serving the elderly and other people in need.

An invoking panel discussion enthused the atmosphere and answered devotees’ questions.This led us into the Wing meetings.

The day concluded with bhajans (group devotional singing) and Aarti. A thoroughly thought-provoking day, for either a coordinator or a Centre attendee. I certainly was inspired and it refocused my energy and vision for my Centre for 2012.

Lovingly in Sai Service, Jai Sai Ram
Lianne Bruce
Vice Spiritual Coordinator
Narborough Sai Centre