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Region 3 - Regional Orientation & Welcome Day

The Region 3 Orientation and Welcome Day took place on Sunday 26th February 2012 and was hosted by Mill Hill Sai Centre, St Andrew’s School, Totteridge. The day was attended by over 100 office bearers, active workers and devotees.

We were fortunate to have the following members of the UKCC attend and facilitate on the day: Brother Veeru Rao (National Spiritual Coordinator), Sister Vidyu Narayan (National SSE Coordinator), Brother Jamie Raju (National Vice Chair) and Brother Kumi Pillay (Region 7 Chair).

The day began with a welcome address from the Regional Chair which was followed by a talk from Brother Jamie Raju on the Divine Vision and Mission. Brother Jamie really set the scene for the rest of the programme by refocusing our minds on Bhagawan’s Mission and our roles as devotees in the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation.

The two workshops entitled ‘Heart to Heart’ followed this. Each workshop was conducted by members of the UKCC and a team of facilitators. They focused on really getting to the issues at the heart of Sai Centres and looking at practical ways in which we can approach these. The focus of the workshops was bringing about change through personal transformation. Devotees had the opportunity to get really in touch with Swami’s teachings through exploring His discourses, understanding the messages in them, trying to understand how they can be applied to the self and how they can help us to grow spiritually. These interactive sessions were enjoyed by all and there were requests for further similar workshops in the future.

After a delicious (and ample) lunch provided by the ladies of Mill Hill Sai Centre, we began the afternoon session of the programme. Each member of the Region 3 team presented his or her ideas and Wing plans for the year to come. There were presentations from the Youth, Ladies, SSE, Medical, R3 SSE School, Spiritual and Service Wings.

Thereafter, an informative session came, entitled ‘Echoes from the Centres’. Centre Chairs, or their representatives, presented brief talks on the good work that took place over the past year. It really was an opportunity for attendees to learn of these various projects, as well as appreciate the dedication and commitment of devotees. This item really provided food for thought for many devotees and office bearers alike!

The final item in the programme was by the guest speaker, Dr. Upadhyay. Listening to his excellent speech, it soon became clear that Dr Upadhyay was genuinely inspired by what he had heard that afternoon and chose to honour the Sai in each one of us, by congratulating everyone on the good work that had been carried out to date. It was a very gracious and encouraging speech - a perfect conclusion to the day's programme. Vibrant bhajans (group devotional singing) ensued, with the final two bhajans being led by an audio-visual of Swami Himself. This was immediately followed by the Aarti. The day had many take-home messages and succeeded in uplifting and inspiring the devotees in Region 3.

By Sutopa Sen and Mali Almeida