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Region 4 - Maha Shivaratri celebrations at Rugby Sai Centre

A wonderful evening of Maha Shivaratri started with centre members arriving early and eager to set up the hall. Shades of blues and lemons cascaded from the huge photo of Lord Shiva and our Dear Swami. Garlands seemed almost swinging with glee as the candles were lit at 6.25pm.

The commencement of the programme with three thunderous Omkars, followed by the Gayatri Mantra and the linking of the Shiva Gayatri and Rudram sent out ripples of vibrations to charge our “Spiritual Batteries”!

The Abhishek of Lingam with continuous recitation of Lingastakam was completed when all our young SSE children came in turn with their parents to take part in the puja. Their disciplined eagerness was very visible and a great lesson for all to learn.

Following the Lingam Puja, all the SSE children had prepared readings emphasising the meaning of Shivaratri with exemplary stories of devotion to Lord Shiva and the importance of why we observe this day. This was delivered beautifully by all our children.

Group devotional singing commenced with many Shiva Bhajans that were made vibrant with the accompaniment of tabla and percussion instruments and, of course, the glorious and loving voices of our young ones!

The whole session peaked to a high crescendo of Shiva Vibrations… One can only imagine Lord Shiva doing the cosmic Tandav dance on Mount Kailash.

The beautiful session finished with meditation for all to experience. The spiritual vibrations gathered in the hall which broke into Asato Maa Saad Gamaya followed by the universal prayer and the Maha Araati that took us all to Prashanti in the presence of our Lord Shiv Sai.

Everyone dispersed taking with them the Maha Prasadam of Bhang and blessings from the lotus feet of Bhagwan.

Rugby Sai Centre