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Region 5 - Regional Orientation & Welcome Day

Om Sri Sai Ram

Our humble pranams at the lotus feet of our dear Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

I hope and pray that the divine vibrations from this event are reflected to the eyes of all who read this article and, in turn, those divine eyes reflect these vibrations all around. A ‘luminous’ first regional event for the Leeds centre who hosted this event.

Kailash Venkat, Our Region V chair welcomed the gathering and introduced the Council members to the Region V Sai family. An introduction by the National Vice Chair, on the Divine Vision and Mission set everyone’s sights and hopes high to move forward together in this year’s theme of ‘Illumination’.

The rest of the morning was filled by focused interactive workshops which helped to awaken our own visions as instruments of or dear Sai. This was very much values-based, as always, and the simplicity of Bhagawan’s teachings was once more the spine for these workshops.

We were given royal treatment by the Leeds group in the dining hall who served tasty dishes at our tables. We were welcomed back after lunch with a wonderful video of Swami which kindled our emotions, reminding us of our experiences with his Divine form.

The Wing coordinators from the region shared their plans for the next year. Kailash presented a brief idea about the future plans of the spiritual wing. Mansukh (Regional Service Coordinator) shared valuable, loving and practical ways to reach out to society as instruments of the Divine mission and with His Will, any project is possible- we need to work with this enthusiasm. Nishal (Regional Youth Coordinator) talked about 3 key objectives for the youth wing this year:

  1. A regular themed Regional youth event.
  2. To use our enthusiasm and skills to reach out and serve the wider community with love.
  3. To hold a Regional and National youth sathsang which will create the spirit of love and unity with all the youth across the country.

This was followed by a wonderful reminder of the importance of Bal Vikas and the need to ensure further involvement in this subject which is very close to Swami’s heart. All left with ‘food for thought’ as to how each can be better instruments of His work at the crucial period of His mission. We enjoyed for a few minutes, a video presentation of various service activities of the region. The event closed with Bhajans (beautiful as always) and Aarthi.

Jai Sai Ram