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Region 3 - Ilford Sai Centre Shivaratri Celebration at St Peters and St Pauls Church

25th February 2012

More than 100 ardent devotees from Ilford Sai centre and Walthamstow Sai centre gathered on this auspicious occasion at this holy venue at St Peters and St Pauls church hall to celebrate Shivaratri.

Within minutes the venue was transformed from an empty hall to a wonderful ‘Mandir’ with Baba’s picture adorning the centre of the Altar. The program started with universal prayers, Vedam chanting and Shiva mantras where the nursery SSE students offered flowers to the glorious Shiva murthi on the altar.

An enlightening discourse was read by one of the Group 2 SSE student Derran followed by a Bharat Nathyam dance 'Natesha Kauthavam' praising Lord Shiva by a young SSE student Sai Neema Vanam.

This was followed by a musical offering and devotional songs by the Ilford Centre Musicians and Choir group after endless practices which were truly inspirational. A wonderful power point presentation of the bhajans and energising Holy Scriptures accompanied the sweet sounds in the mandir which proved to be the food of love.

The programme continued with uplifting and beautiful devotional songs by both centres. The Youth from Ilford and Walthamstow Sai Centres created a true vibration which energised all the devotees.

Unisons Bhajans was followed by Aarthi and 'Thought of the day'.
This was a truly moving evening which touched hearts and souls of everyone present and left a loving smile on everyone’s face. Sai centres working together as one, shows great unity and total success in performing Swami’s teachings.

Submitted by Sheila Ring
Spiritual Convenor, Ilford Sai Centre