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Region 3 - YSAP "Mind, Body and Atma"

The quarterly Region 3 Youth Self-Awareness Programme ( YSAP ) took place at Mill Hill Sai Centre in Totteridge on 18th March. The programme began with Group Devotional Singing led by the youth and was followed by an interactive workshop based on the theme of ‘Mind, Body and Atma’. The workshop was attended by youth, Group 4 SSE students and adults from across Region 3.

"The Body is like a water bubble, the mind is like a mad monkey. Don't follow the body, don't follow the mind. Follow the conscience"

- Baba.

The first part of the workshop began with an ice breaker exploring the way the mind works and analysing our thought patterns! This was followed by discussion on each of the three separate aspects of the mind, body and atma. The group was split into three teams and each group explored various quotes from Swami on each topic. The main aim of the discussions was to clarify what we understand to be the mind, body or atma and look at the way each of these elements function and interact in our daily lives.

The discussions gave way to a debate between each team as to which aspect was more important in managing the sometimes busy lifestyle that many youth face today. Various points were made and each team took it in turn to present their case and ask questions. There was also time for rebuttals and counter-arguments from each team. The discussions were lively to say the least! The group concluded that the mind, body and atma are very much inter-connected and as spiritual aspirants we must strive to understand each aspect. The session concluded with the following quote from Swami:

"You are all embodiments of Divine Atma! The atma is divine. Never forget this fact. Some people find happiness in physical practices, but the pleasure they derive out of them is only physical and is temporary in nature. All that is associated with time is bound to disappear one day or the other. You have to attach yourself to that which is permanent, eternal and real. God's Love is beyond all description. It is supreme. On the other hand physical love is momentary and is associated with physical relationships. Whatever is associated with the body comes and goes, but pure and selfless love, which emerges from the heart, comes and grows. You have to cultivate such love. It will never diminish. You do not have to beg for this love from anyone. You cannot purchase this love from a shop, since it is not a saleable commodity. God is the only source from which love flows. It is available only in His shop. Therefore find a way to reach Him. The happiness arising out of worldly things is only momentary. Only God's love is the eternal principle. Therefore always seek God's Love. You cannot get it from anywhere else except God."

- Baba