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Spiritual Wing - "I and My Father are One"

Christians and the Christian Church prepare for the climax of Jesus Christ’s life story at Easter, the time of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, through penance, contemplation and the fasting of Lent. Drawing upon Christ’s 40 days in the wilderness, where he is tested, tempted and triumphs over all inner and outer demons, we attempt to follow in his footsteps and recognise all impediments and obstacles, which arise before and out of ourselves. We consequently seek to offer these demons up to the Father God and seek to come into alignment with the true Self, the Holy Spirit residing at the core of our being, thereby preparing ourselves for the final stage of Jesus’ revelation in the final Ascension.

I recognise that Easter, Oestre, symbolised through the ‘Egg’, is a time of rebirth where we surrender the old to be awakened anew in the light of the immortal, the Holy Spirit as God’s true Self residing as the source and core of all being. During Lent we have the festival of Ash Wednesday, which reminds us of the impermanence of all forms and where, through surrender, repentance, sacrifice and letting go and letting God, all things are awakened and born anew and true. We recognise that when we offer up all petty and temporary desires and ideas of a separate self in the firmament of God’s fire, we are freed of all delusion and the idea of death and are graced with salvation.

Christians who come in humility and love to the feet of Christ Jesus and seek to cross the river of life and illusion find salvation in the idea and expression of Christ’s resurrection and ascension. This Guru’s example and life removes all darkness and ignorance and for this Christians are eternally grateful. And perhaps, in the belief that this incarnation is the fulfilment of Scripture, a tendency may grow for Christians to develop (to my mind) fanatical assumptions: that Jesus is the ‘ONLY’ begotten son of the Father rather than that there is only One God and He is Omnipresent. We read in the New Testament ‘I AM the way, the Truth and the Life; no man goes to the Father except by me…’ and I believe that this I Amness, this Oneness that Jesus refers to is this One Omnipresent God residing in his and all hearts.

Jesus died and rose again thereby exposing the illusion called death as told in the Easter story. Through his sacrifice he willingly demonstrated that life has no end, that the spirit, the Holy Spirit is limitless and one with God. He revealed that, like himself, all humans, once merged in the awareness of God, are free from all bondage and illusion of separateness. As Baba explains, moving from a idea of being the messenger of God to and through being the Son of God, Jesus ultimately reveals “I and my Father are One.”

Jesus, like Sai Baba, fulfilled a profound yearning arising within me personally. The glow and warmth that caresses my heart when I contemplate their lives opens a strong and steady faith in God’s presence. But the movement of upwelling, irrepressible love and joy that the contemplation of such love incarnated in the likes of Jesus and Sai, is for me the very stuff of life. This embrace instils in my heart and mind a peace beyond all understanding.

Jesus laid out a message, given since ancient times, that God resides at the heart of all things mortal and immortal. That we, as with Him, are the sole/soul property of God alone. This recognition becomes available to my mind’s eye through expressions of such selfless beauty and harmony as we find in the beauty of Nature, the trusting eye of a babe in arms, the unconditional love experienced in the midst of birdsong and the dappled rays of sunlight, as is found in the song of a divine incarnation. Jesus so evidently has offered this perfume of understanding to humanity and I love him immeasurably for this gift of grace. Not least for the intensely compassionate act of sacrifice offered at the Crucifixion, and in its exquisite turning through the Easter story in the Resurrection. I and many other Sai Christians are deeply moved and aware that Sai chose to take his Mahasamadhi on Easter Sunday, the day we cherish as the day of the Resurrection.

Roland Pargeter