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Region 6 – Youth Reflections

A year since Swami's Samadhi

Since Swami's Samadhi my spiritual journey has intensified; I have felt a greater urge to question my existence and make an active effort to follow his teachings. For me the real journey has just begun.

Youth - Woking

After Swami's physical departure, it felt that nothing would really change, however in the past year I really have felt disconnected. I have thought about the many reasons that have made me feel so apart, but then I thought to myself whether I was just making up excuses? I have time to eat, to sleep, to meet friends. So why don’t I have time for someone who is always beside me? From this I realised that it is me who disconnected myself from Swami and I need to create that relationship once again that I had lost.

Youth - Reading

A year since Swami's Samadhi…. He is still here. A lot has changed in my personal circumstances this past year, and at every step of the way, no matter how big or small, Swami has been there in front of me in one form or another (a picture, a symbol, a ringtone, a flame a flicker). I have found that if you keep Him in front and remember his name he will be there.

Youth - Portsmouth

Even knowing that God /Brahma has 2 aspects -i.e. Nirgun (the Formless) and Sagun (with Form), we all get so caught up in the beauty and grace of His Physical Form-so 24th April will always be indelibly etched in my mind. It was shocking and heartbreaking to hear the news that Our Belowed Swami had left His physical body.
But almost a year on now-and with being able to pay my respects at His Maha Samadhi in Prashanthi -has helped bring acceptance and to turn my focus more inwards -to believe that He is Antaryami (residing within us) and He is with us, above us, below us and all around us-always guiding and always protecting.

Youth – Eastbourne

The past year has flown by as Swami's words to us to "work, work, work" have certainly been realised. Despite no longer being here in his physical form I have felt his presence more and more and find myself striving to ‘be’ according to his teachings that have been familiar to me for so long. I am certain that as time goes on my yearning will only intensify and immersing myself in Swami's work will keep me focused and energised.

Youth – Reading

Baba has always been a constant in my life through all the ups and downs. I think of him in times of need, I pray to him for the well being of my loved ones and most importantly I ask Baba to guide me and help me be a better person. Having Baba here on Earth in his physical form was indeed a privilege for many but Baba is still within us and around us. So, one year on from Baba's samadhi nothing has changed except the acceptance that we should not be attached to any physical form.

Youth - Folkstone

Poem by Youth - Reading