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Region 1 - Sai Laksharchana 2012

"Laksharchana" refers to group chanting of this powerful Mantra 100,000 times (Laksham) collectively, while offering (Archana) rice grains at the Divine Lotus Feet of our Beloved Sai.

On Saturday, the 10th of March 2012, Tooting Sai Centre was once again fortunate to host the Region one Laksharchana. After experiencing and hearing about the powerful energy of the Laksharchana held in 2011, many people came from centres in Region 1, to experience for themselves and share in this auspicious event. Fircroft School’s hall was transformed from a simple school hall to a beautiful shrine with hangings of red and gold, plants and statues.

People started to gather at the centre from 2 pm, in eager anticipation, waiting for the Laksharchana to begin. Soft, lilting music drifted through the air and a great sense of peace reigned on the bright Saturday afternoon. One attendee commented that he was reminded of the tranquillity of Prasanthi Nilayam.

The arrival of Uncle Vadgama who would be leading the Laksharchana signalled everyone to be ready. Musicians and bhajan singers prepared themselves and at 2:30 pm, the proceedings began with 5 bhajans performed by the youth of the region. The atmosphere in the hall soared as all those who were seated sang in unison, concentrating on the Lord. After the last note of the fifth bhajan faded to silence, Uncle Vadgama spoke. He shared a few words about his life experiences with Swami and the things that he learned. He related to all a story about how it was Swami that showed him the power and significance of performing Laksharchana.

Following this he explained that were would recite "Shree Sathya Sai Krishnaya Namaha" for the duration of 10 malas, each of which had 108 beads. ensure that we did not lose focus, there would be a bhajan after every second malas. The chanting began; slow at first, increasing in intensity.

By the start of the 7th mala, the atmosphere within the hall was reaching a pinnacle and all who were there were reciting the words “Shree Satyha Sai Krishnya Namaha” with great passion. The energy within the hall was rising with every iteration.

The final two malas were the culmination of all of the day’s sadhana and Uncle Vadgama told us to ask God for something for this last round of chanting; anything from helping someone who was having problems to helping with studies as it would come true. He also instructed us to give something in return such as saying “Shree Sathya Sai Krishnaya Namaha” every night or “Sai Ram” before going to sleep.

By the end of the 10th mala, over 110 people had chanted the powerful mantra, "Shree Sathya Sai Krishnaya Namaha" to collectively exceed 100 000 times while offering rice at the Divine Lotus Feet of our Beloved Sai. Event were concluded by more bhajans and aarthi, at the end of which Uncle Vadgama gave his final address.

The Laksharchana had come to an end, and everyone who attended felt thoroughly rejuvenated by the chanting.

Region 1 will continue to hold Laksharchanas on a regular basis, at different centres. All are welcome to attend these inspiring and uplifting events.

Ujas Patel and Hari Surendran
Tooting Sai Centre Youth, Region 1