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Region 5 - Devotional Singing Workshop - Morecambe

3rd March 2012

On a cold but sunny day, devotees from across the region gathered for a singing satsang and workshop. The session was arranged following feedback (and demand!) from the first workshop held in September 2011.

Everyone who attended was treated to a fun session: learning new songs in English, as well as the occasional Sanskrit one too. It all blended beautifully with stories that related to the songs. For example, there were songs sung to Swami at Christmas celebrations and songs that were composed for the UK in the "English language" - that were contributed to programmes in Prashanti Nilayam. We also spent some time talking about the Gayatri mantra and delving briefly into its significance, power and what Swami says about it.

Ajit Patnaik led the workshop and introduced us to some lovely songs: some slow, some funky and some that just touched your heart. I'm not exactly sure how he managed it, but Ajit took us through over 20 songs in just over three hours of actual workshop time - quite an achievement!

At the workshop there was a mixture of young and mature souls: in terms of both their worldly age and the length of time they have known Swami. There were even some newcomers too, who just loved to sing!

The bhajans were brilliant. The ladies singing together sounded heavenly. Everyone sung in tune, in time and were simply singing their socks off. At times I just sat and listened; it was beautiful! Everyone left the workshop feeling lifted and recharged, and the food afterwards meant that we truly had food for the body and soul.

On a more personal note, the tunes, the words and the stories are engrained in my heart. All of a sudden, weeks after the event, I find myself waking up humming or singing a song. The tunes are very catchy and so different - refreshingly different from our usual Indian style bhajans. We are incorporating many of them into our weekly devotional singing at Centre level. I remember a story about the bhajan singers in Prashanti asking Swami if he was happy with their singing... his response was: "are YOU happy?"

For me the event has really brought home how music helps us to connect with God within, and how by making our hearts sing, we really can feel Swami inside, bopping to the groove along with us.

Sanjay Vaja
Greater Manchester Sai Centre Spiritual Coordinator