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Region 2 – Inaugural YAP (Young Adults Programme)

We would like to thank Swami for giving us the opportunity to not only conduct, but also to share with you the events our first Young Adults Programme (YAP) hosted by Harrow West Youth in Region 2! Swami definitely guided the programme from start to end, and His Divine Presence could be felt by the adults, youth and SSE children that evening.

YAP was held after the regular Centre Bhajans that Sunday and the session welcomed all centre members to stay and to be a part of the programme with the Youth. This not only gave everybody a chance to sit and enjoy the programme as a family, but also gave the youth an opportunity to take a leading role in the Centre.

The theme was ‘The Universal Presence of Sai’ and the programme consisted of an interactive ice breaker followed by a drama, an inspirational video, and a talk by our guest speaker, Shyam Jamnadas (National Youth Co-ordinator).

The dedication and heart of our hosts, Harrow West Youth, showed through in the inspirational drama. The drama was centred on a young youth who had lost her faith in Swami and therefore found herself in a confused state of mind. This was especially portrayed in the scene where she was sat at Bhajans but just could not ‘feel the vibe’ or connection to Swami. She then visited her friend in hospital and even though terminally ill, her friend showed unshakable faith in Bhagawan and His Omnipotence. The young youth broke down and was deeply moved by what she had witnessed, as she was feeling very ashamed of her own lack of faith.

The drama was then followed by a moving video complied by the Youth featuring actors such as Jim Carey, who through moments of enquiry, had experienced sparks of the Divine within him. Jim Carey also mentioned that he felt this moment had given him the purpose for his life! The imagery and the music were very powerful and encouraged all present to search inwards.

Our National Youth Co-ordinator, Shyam Jamnadas, spoke on some very personal moments in his life where he has felt the Universal Presence of Sai. It was truly amazing to learn of his faith and surrender to Swami and to hear how Swami has guided him especially during recent challenges in his life. Bro. Shyam also shared a very interesting story about his wedding ring, but you’ll have to ask him personally to know about that one!

The last item before concluding was a Region 2 Youth Pledge which emanated from Swami’s teaching, "Love is God, Live in Love". The pledge was recited by all the Youth to enable us to remember to live in His Divine Love. The Region 2 Youth Pledge is as follows:

I pledge to love all my brothers and sisters.
I pledge to send ONLY positive vibrations to all.
I pledge to never live in fear, anger, greed, lust or jealously.
I pledge to understand my own True nature.
I pledge to live in bliss.
Aum Sri Sai Ram

We very much look forward to the next YAP to be held on Sunday, 29th of April, hosted by Harrow East Centre.

With love and light,
Suresh Sajnani
Region 2 Youth Co-ordinator