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Region 7 - Swindon SSE Class Celebrates Easter

On a warm Saturday morning, the SSE children of Swindon concluded the end of term and the start of the Easter holidays with an outdoor SSE Class in the sunny gardens of The Royal Wootton Bassett Park.

Morning prayers were followed by value based games and team building exercises, in which the children had lots of fun whilst learning to trust each other and work together. This was followed by an exciting Easter egg hunt, in which Group 2 and 3 children where teamed up with the nursery and Group 1 children to find the Easter eggs that were hidden around the park. Clues on where to look had to be solved by answering questions on Bhagawan’s saying, that “Nature is the Best Teacher”. Only the “straightest trees” in the park concealed sweet treats and children were reminded of the importance of being straight trees in the Lord’s garden. Even the park benches hid tasty Easter eggs and taught the lesson of being servants to all, whilst asking for nothing in return. The children listed many other aspects of nature that gave so selflessly, the Sun, the trees and flowers and of course the cows whose milk made the delicious Easter eggs.

In the lead up to Easter, lessons had focussed on the period of Lent and the benefits of fasting. The children had learnt about what it meant to sacrifice and about the lives of the Disciples of Christ who imbibed the qualities of a disciple. Before tucking into their chocolaty treasures the children reflected on what lessons could be learnt from Easter eggs and came up with 3 qualities of Easter eggs which they put into the form of Art work.

We ended the day with a Human value song.

Wishing you all a Happy Sai Easter and remember to be like an Easter Egg :