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Region 4 - Youth Satsang : Healthy "Living the Sai Way"

On 14th April 2012 the youth of Region 4 congregated in satsang to discuss the divine teachings of our Beloved Lord and draw upon specifically on the spiritual aspects of how food affects our thoughts.

The satsang was held in Leicester with youth attending from Birmingham and Coventry. The three hour session commenced with Vedam & Bhajans, followed by a thought provoking video of Swamis discourse on this all important topic. An Ice Breaker led into a brief talk to introduce our topic. The scene was set and the youth were enthused to discuss and enrich their minds to gain further understanding of what "Healthy Living the Sai Way" really meant.

Some of the thought provoking questions we discussed included:

"Our body is afflicted with diseases by eating improper food. It is necessary to protect the body. Why has God given you this body?"

"It has been given to you to realise yourself. But you forget this real purpose and concentrate your mind merely on the body. After all, what is there in the body? Body is impermanent and short-lived like a water bubble. If you understand this, your life will be blessed."

What effects does a non-vegetarian diet have on our mind and body and what does Swami and other spiritual scriptures say on this matter?

By consuming animal food, animal tendencies are aroused. Men today are behaving in a manner worse than that of wild animals in the forest. They have become cruel, pitiless, and hard-hearted. There is no sympathy or understanding even between man and man. The main reason for this condition lies in the kind of food that is consumed.

"As is your food, so are your thoughts. Food conditions the nature of the mind. Mind guides the thinking. Thinking results in action. Actions lead to commensurate or matching results and effects. This chain of action between the food we eat and the results of our actions highlights the fact that meat eating leads to beastly actions and the concomitant evil effects." Sathya Sai, The Avatar of Love, p. 132

All the key messages and answers to the questions were extracted directly from Swami’s discourses and Sai literature.

The youth who attended found this an invaluable session and welcomed regularly congregations. The Youth of Region 4 will continue to congregate in these forums throughout the year. The next youth satsang will be held in June and will continue the theme of “Healthy Living the Sai Way ” (Please speak to your youth coordinators to get involved).