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Region 6 – Youth Wing: i2I Self-Knowledge Workshop - III: “To Be”

"The mind is responsible for both bondage and liberation of man. Hence the mind is highly sacred and powerful. Due to lack of understanding of the power of the mind, people are not able to grasp the glory and majesty of God. Master the mind and be a Mastermind."
~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

We must have a thorough understanding of the nature of the mind, before we try to control our mind and the quietening of our senses. To help with our clarity or understanding of the Spiritual Knowledge of the Self we have been guided to observe our own inner landscape. This is one of the aims of the i2I workshops. Our third workshop was mainly attended by youth members of Region 6.

Over the last couple of workshops we have come to understand that in Self -knowledge, there is nothing to know; because you can never know what you are, you can only 'BE' what you are. It is an intuition, an up-coming and so what we are is not an object of knowledge. The Self is completely, absolutely, self-knowing without any intermediary. Why? Because the spiritual Self is the Knower; the mind is not the Knower and is not identified with the spiritual Self.

One of the exercises we did to help us understand this concept was conducted in two parts:

In the first part we had to write down what we saw: and basically we all gave a literal description – "flowers in a cup...petals are white and red on top...water moving about. However, I went the extra mile and wrote "2 roses in a cup with H2O"!!!

This confirmed that in our day-to-day involvement with objects we do not really perceive things as they are, but see only the projections of the ego. Unless our perceptions are allowed to blossom in ego-less silence, we cannot really know reality. In seeing the object it should come to us in its completeness, untarnished by the projections of our mind.

In the second part of the exercise, we were asked to remain silent for a few minutes with our eyes closed.

On opening our eyes we were asked to see how we function, the way we think and act, and not get stuck in the process of observing the objects.

We were also asked to notice where the seeing automatically brings us to: which was our peaceful, natural vacant state.

If you like, it was important how the result of this seeing acted upon us. For in this state there was spontaneity, free from tension, free from reaction.

This exercise demonstrated that once an object appears in Silence the object does not belong to the mind; it belongs to Totality, Stillness, Awareness, Eternity, name it what you wish, but emphasizing that we can only Be As We Are.

We had some varied and interesting responses from this exercise:

"Seeing it for what it is – just seeing" "I know what it is, but that’s not it." "No reference, just being it." Peacefulness." "Stillness"

"Beauty that was initially perceived in the roses was no different
to the cup or the water or anything surrounding it. It was present. It was."

"Beauty," "Love," "Absolute Stillness and Peace."

What is "To Be?"

I have come to understand that ‘to be’ is to be free from the 'I-concept' or ego, to become free from conditioning – to look without memory, without the accomplice to the conditioning. When we are free from memory there is more choice and in this way of being all our intelligence and all our creativity are at our disposal.

Accepting is also a state of openness; where we let go fully and are completely open to whatever happens to us. It really means that we do not allow our mind to interfere with our perception, thus allowing us to live every day as a new day. The best way to do this is from stillness, from the light of Totality, which is not constrained to the senses and where the mind is used as a vehicle for carrying out functions.

Therefore, can I face life with an open mind, free from intention, free from any preconceived ideas? Can I look at life from complete innocence? These are a set of challenging questions, which I will continue to contemplate upon in my daily life. And when I find myself moving away from my sense of being, I can always inquire what is most joyful for me and face my surroundings and others with this joyful feeling.

"Contact your own reality in the silence that you create by quietening the senses and controlling the mind. There is a Voice that you can hear in that silence. The true witness of your having listened to that Voice is your behaviour." SSS vol.5 p.153

I look forward to the next set of workshops and to further my understanding of the concept of "TO BE", which is so beneficial to our self-transformation.

Nuleen Panday & Beverley Kissoon, Region 6