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Region 5 - YAP: Bhajans, Why do we need them?

In Region 5’s second YAP we aimed to delve deeper behind the reasons why we do bhajans and how we should be doing bhajans in order to maximise the personal and group benefits of doing this type of Sadhana. Alongside this, we looked at what Swami has said about bhajans in His discourses and the discipline with which He expects us all to conduct ourselves in bhajans.

Why should we sing bhajans?

On discussion, we all found that bhajans is one of the many ways in which we can all get together and celebrate the glories of the Lord together and that when this is done as a group the vibrations created are far greater than is possible individually. Swami has said that group bhajans purify the environment and thus is an excellent way of removing the negative energies that pollute our world today.

How should we sing bhajans and who should sing bhajans?

We also had extensive discussions on how bhajans should be done correctly and how much importance should be placed on how we sing bhajans. Is it okay to sing however we are able and however we prefer, provided we have pure devotion? Luckily, amongst our youth we have an alumnus from Swami’s University in Anantapur, who has been fortunate enough to sing in the physical presence of our Lord many times, so we were able to get the answers first hand from her.

The conclusion we came to was that nothing is necessary other than pure devotion when it comes to bhajans, since He is Bhava Swaroopa (Embodiment of Devotion). Devotion when singing bhajans is defined as a taste for the Divine name, connection with the Lord and gratitude to the Almighty.

However, Swami also said that although devotion is a must, lead singers should sing responsibly indicating the need to practise and deliver the bhajan correctly, in a way that will not disturb the peace of the other participants.

Guidance given by Hari Subramanium

The session was concluded by watching a video about the role of bhajan singing as part of our Sadhana, by Hari Subramanium, one of Swami's bhajan singers. The video gave us many more answers about how bhajans should be conducted and the importance they have in our lives, as given by Swami to His own bhajan singers.

This YAP was a fantastic opportunity to get the youth of the region together to discuss these salient points that come up regularly. This discussion also came at an ideal time as preparations are made for the programmes in the year ahead. With Swami’s Grace we will be able to implement His guidelines into our centres across the region to make bhajan singing as He would want it to be.

Jai Sai Ram
Harshul Measuria
Greater Manchester Sai Centre