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Region 8 - Scotland Satsang With Professor Sanjay Sahni

Scotland was blessed on 29th April 2012 with a visit by the Emeritus Professor Sri Sanjay Sahni, an ardent devotee of our beloved Bhagawan, one who was very fortunate to have spent many years in close proximity to Bhagawan and an excellent speaker.

The satsang was held at Edinburgh Sai Centre, 2 Granton Road. The programme commenced at 2.30pm with a short bhajan.

Dr. Sahni narrated many incidents of how Bhagawan showered His Grace on him, including how he fulfilled every small desire such as giving apple prashadam and making him win the lucky draw for a cricket match. Swami showed him that He will be there wherever His work is done and shower His Grace. In one such incident, at one eye camp, Swami poured amrit from a picture in the middle of the night to the chosen few students who were doing voluntary work looking after patients who had undergone cataract surgery.

Brother Sahni emphasised that we should seriously believe and follow the five-letter mantra GOD IS. Not GOD WAS or WILL BE but GOD IS HERE AND NOW. He mentioned that it is very rare and fortunate to be born at the time of the advent of the Avatar and one must make use of every opportunity to practise Swami’s teachings and yearn to merge with Him.

He pointed out to us that the best way to please Bhagawan is to participate in His mission, foster and practise dharma in our lives and lead our lives with love. He asked us to lead a contented life and be always happy.

He brought back many cherished memories of Bhagawan to many devotees and energised us with his talk.