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Youth Wing - SSLTP Module 2: Self Leadership

The second module of Sathya Sai Leadership Training Programme (SSLTP) took place at the International Conference Centre in Sunbury, Middlesex. The weekend commenced from the evening of 13th April to Sunday 15th April and was focused on Self Leadership.

The weekend commenced developing and improving our oral presentations skills, with short personal presentations that were evaluated by our SSLTP "buddy" (previous graduates of the programme), for a subsequent feedback.

Saturday morning we started off with our daily spiritual routine: Suprabatham, meditation and physical exercises and was followed by group presentations. Group presentations consisted on the analysis of several companies/organisations such as: Tesco, Starbucks, NHS and the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation, in terms of their vision, mission and values. We had to study these cases using our critical view and relate it to what we had learnt from the authors seen in the previous module.

We also had the privilege of being in the company of Mr. Alan Morgan who is an advisor and investor for the financial services sector. His presentation helped us understand more about the characteristics and skills of a good and effective leader and his impact on the development of an organisation taking into account its culture, and the quality of relationships between its members.

On Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning our discussion was based on several historical leaders and learnt what characteristics correspond to a great leader and which ones correspond to a good leader. We also discussed their leadership styles in terms of communicating and persuading people.

During the rest of the day we discussed what involves the term 'To Be' in the process of leadership. It was largely focused on group interactive sessions, which led us to reflect deeply about our character, personality, values, paradigms, aspirations and how these aspects must be continuously observed by ourselves in order to be constantly aware about who we really are, who we think we are and what others think about us.

At the end of the weekend every individual received feedback on observations arising from the presentations delivered at the start.

In my opinion this module was the beginning of a long journey of self-reflection and self-transformation towards self-realisation. Since those 3 days of training, the meaning and importance of leadership started making sense in my life. Now I believe leadership involves the development of our character through flourishing our inner and 'virgin' values, where character is the beginning and the end of leadership.

What I took away from this weekend is that there cannot be leadership without "being".

I pray to our beloved Swami to help us to be humble listeners and guide us in this journey of self-awareness.

With Love,

Greys Penaloza
(SSLTP Candidate on 2012 programme)

For further information on SSLTP please contact SSLTP Co-ordinator (Deviesh Tankaria), or the National Youth Coordinator (Shyam Jamnadas)