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Region 5 - Mahasamadhi Celebrations

The Regional Mahasamadhi celebrations were organised in Oldham, on Sunday 29th April, at the Indian Association Hall. Despite poor weather, a large number of devotees attended to make the event a truly memorable one.

The programme commenced at 2pm with the lighting of the lamp whilst the Shivopasana mantra was chanted vibrantly. Multi-faith bhajans followed, signifying the divine message of unity of faiths.

Bharat Sisodia, the former Region 5 Chairperson, welcomed the gathering. He highlighted the subtle individual transformation brought about by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba during His mission.

Youngsters from the Nritya Jyothi Dance group performed a popular dance titled “Swagatham Krishna.” It was a vivid display that described Sri Krishna’s beauty and his divine playful acts. Sri Krishna even as a little boy killed demons and proved his divine power and might. He thus protected humanity out of His immense love.

Please see the link below for the song on Youtube:

Mrs Trupti Patel, the president of the Hindu Council North, paid tribute to Swami. She said that Swami is the Kaliyuga Avathar who rejuvenated the Sanathana Dharma. Swami’s message is universal and He always highlighted the time immemorial principle of Vasudaika Kutumbham - the entire creation is a single united family.

The SSE children gave an outstanding performance. They sang three melodious and very meaningful songs: In The Garden Of My Heart, Sai Maatha Biddalam, and I Keep Feeling Your Love. The whole gathering thoroughly enjoyed the musical offering and sang in one voice to give chorus for the songs. Sai Maatha Biddalam is a popular song written by the Grama Seva group of Hyderabad, India. Swami first heard this in the early 1990s and said that it should be sung in every corner of the world as it carries the message of Swami’s entire mission.

Sanjay Vaja gave a presentation based on Swami’s life and the various service projects that He initiated. Sanjay swiftly but smoothly managed to go through the life story of Bhagawan, from His birth until His Mahasamadhi last year. It was indeed an eye opener when it was mentioned that Swami gave over 1,000 discourses during His Avatarhood. At every stage, Swami catered to the needs of humanity. He started a small general hospital as early as 1956. He then expanded his service projects, which now include world class educational and medical institutes. The water project provides the basic necessity of life for over 750 villages. Sanjay concluded by showing a very humorous and playful side of the divine Lord in the form of a conversation between Swami and an inquisitive child.

Rakesh Joshi, a renowned musician from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Manchester, gave a wonderful musical tribute to Bhagawan. He started of with Ganesh Vandana, followed by two very popular bhajans. In particular, the bhajan ‘Sai Baba Bolo’ left the audience enthralled. Just one week earlier, he performed the same in front of the Shirdi Samadhi in Shirdi. The last bhajan - ‘Jyoth Se Jyoth Jagathe Chalo’ - summarised the message of the Lord. The song describes how to spread the light of love around us; how the river of love should flow forever, sweeping everybody with it and wash away their miseries. This great bhajan felt particularly apt for the occasion.

Please see the link below for the song on Youtube:

We were very fortunate to have Kiran Patel, the National Chairperson, as the guest speaker for this grand occasion. In spite of his extremely busy schedule, with the National Mahasamadhi Celebrations only the day before, Kiranbhai managed to attend and delivered a soul-stirring talk. He described how he came to the divine mother and spent around 30 years in His presence. Swami entered Kiranbhai’s life and has taken care of him at crucial times. When unrest broke out in Uganda, Swami arrived in the form of a policeman to help his parents to safety. Kiranbhai also shared some rare and intimate interactions with Bhagawan whilst he was at Brindavan, and leaving the audience in spiritual bliss. Every interaction carried a divine message and exemplified Swami’s omnipresence and omnipotence. He reiterated that our life is His message and His mission is now our mission. We now have to shoulder the responsibility of carrying Swami’s divine mission forward.

Lastly, we concluded with bhajans and delicious prasadam was served. The event was hosted by the devotees of Greater Manchester Sai Centre, all of whom worked incessantly to make this day a success. Nishal Govindji, Region 5 Youth coordinator, was the compere of the event and she managed the whole session efficiently.

We are very thankful to the Indian Association for providing the venue which allowed us all to enjoy this wonderful event. Everyone left spiritually charged and it was indeed a very enlightening and uplifting session.