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Region 1 - YAP "Whats Next"

The monthly regional Young Adult Programme (YAP) allows youth from across the region to congregate with like minded individuals to discuss and understand the teachings of our Beloved Lord. This month, the youth were privileged to be joined by Selvakumar uncle, former National Spiritual Coordinator, to discuss the topic, “What’s Next...”. With Swami having left His mortal coil, Selvakumar uncle emphasised the point that we are all divine and that divinity resides in all. The youth felt comfortable in their surroundings and found it easy to share experiences of instances where it has been hard to constantly find the divine especially those with whom we work or even by-passers on the street. Uncle explained that we should emanate love to all and should not have wavering faith in situations where we feel we need Swami’s guidance. He used the analogy that our faith is like a bucket and Swami’s love is water flowing from a tap. His love is infinite but through distraction and the five evils of Kama (lust), Krodha (rage), Lobha (greed), Moha (attachmenet) and Ahankara (ego) we limit the size of this bucket.

This was one of many teachings uncle shared with us. There was plenty of positive feedback from the session and a few thoughts were;

"Selva Uncle touched our hearts by sharing both his experiences and valuable lessons which we can use in our day to day lives. One lesson I took home is that of surrender: the three steps to surrender is to see Swami as yours, see yourself as Swami's and finally, see both you and Swami as one. Uncle shared both his love and beautiful experiences with us, which left us with goose bumps and I will treasure this study circle forever. Thanks Uncle."

"Selva Uncle had a very interactive session with the youth and shared his experience on how having pure faith in Swami helps you all the time. He emphasised on the importance of the 5 human values and this should be the basis of how we lead our lives.”

"As always it was a pleasure to be addressed by uncle, his positive energy gives him an indescribable glow. We all felt inspired by his words and we look forward to have him as a guest again!"

"Uncle Selvakumar spoke about Satyam Shivam Sundaram during his talk and highlighted that we should not just speak truth, but speak the truth softly, beautifully and at the right moment. Expanding on this, what really opened my eyes was when he said, "Saying a truth at the wrong time is worse than lying at the right time." This made me realise that although we should not lie, we should also select when and what we say with grace and patience to uphold the concept of Satyam Shivam Sundaram."

Overall, March’s YAP was truly inspirational where youth were able to contemplate Swami’s teachings whilst being in good company. YAP is open to all youth and is held at Sai Mandir on the 3rd Friday of every month commencing at 7:30pm. For more information please contact

Jai Sai Ram
Gobika Mohandas
Shadow Region 1 Youth Co-ordinator