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Sai Smaran – National Gratitude Bhajans 2012

On Saturday 21st April, devotees from across the UK united together in Watford, London for Sai Smaran; a loving offering of bhajans expressing our gratitude at the divine feet of our Beloved Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

As the sacred vibrations of Vedic chanting sanctified the hall, the proceedings commenced with a welcome address by Dr. Kiran Patel, UK Chairperson.

Kiran Uncle spoke on the importance of offering our gratitude to Bhagawan, our God and Guide, even if it was just a drop in the huge ocean of Love that Bhagawan has showered on us. He congratulated the youth for taking the initiative and playing a lead role in organising such a significant event and encouraged the youth to continue with such energy and enthusiasm both now and in the future, in line with the expectations of Bhagawan and in accordance with Sai Ideals. He reflected on how devotees coming together on this day in humble and sincere prayer in itself is a miracle, and how fortunate we all are for being a part of the divine legacy of our Bhagawan. He shared his feelings on the importance of bhajans, their ability to transport us in to the divine presence, their ability to manifest the divine form instantly, and the joy and ecstasy with which they transform our hearts. Bhajans, he mused, were probably the most significant aspect of the divine legacy of our Lord. Kiran Uncle urged all to have Swami in focus whilst chanting His Divine Name, and sing with the feeling of doing so with His Will.

The Bhajans commenced with a musical offering. The melodious sound of the flute, keyboard and tabla stilled our minds aiding our preparation to focus on Swami and receive him in our hearts. A video of Swami’s beautiful darshan, life and legacy was being played in the background. This was then followed by an inspirational outpouring of love and gratitude to our Beloved Bhagawan through six hours of continuous Bhajans.

The sincerity and devotion which exuded through the Bhajans filled the room with divine vibrations. Devotees sang in unison, offering their gratitude to our Lord. This love and unity also was evident as the youth and service wings worked together in serving devotees refreshments throughout the day. As the Bhajans came to a close, there was a stillness and profound silence. All that could be felt was Swami’s divine presence through the divine vibrations created throughout the six hours of loving and devoted singing.

With all our hearts, we offer our deepest gratitude to Bhagawan for His Love and Blessings and pray to Him to enable us serve as worthy instruments in His Divine Mission.

Shyam Jamnadas
National Youth Co-ordinator