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Region 2 - Young Adults Programme : Transformation through Service

On Sunday 29th April, Harrow-East youth hosted our regional Young Adults Programme (YAP) on the theme of ‘Transformation through Service’. The session consisted of a two-part presentation, a short play, interviews of youth and our Youth Pledge. The message was simple; God is in all of us and we should Love all and Serve all. With Swami’s grace and blessings, the session was phenomenal and the journey was a joyful one.

In our presentation we shared Swami’s teachings on service and tried to address the questions - why should we serve? How should we serve? Then we concluded with existing service opportunities for the youth to take part in. Swami explains to us, that service is what He gave us our body for. When we serve, selflessly, we broaden our hearts and widen our vision. We start to feel what we have. Within the presentation we also emphasised that it’s not just doing Seva that is important but it’s doing seva with the best possible attitude. We also tried to highlight the importance of our motive and intention that prompts us to serve. What we felt is that we should serve in a way that leads to inner transformation, i.e. to saturate ourselves with love, surrender our ego, and leave the results to Sai.

We also had a play which showed the journey from a disengaged youth, to the beginnings of an inner transformation. Our main character was Lilly (or Lalita!) who was an ordinary, career-minded woman, with a love for Swami and also singing, but no interest in seva. Lilly was ‘persuaded’ to join in with Narayan Seva, and with each homeless person she served she started to experience a sense of oneness, and then slowly developed an attitude of selflessness and unity.

Another item was the youth interview video where we interviewed youth from across the UK during National Gratitude Bhajans. The Youth really shared some beautiful messages which made sense in a practical way too. We asked the youth the same question –Why do you Serve? With what mindset do you serve?; and What happens if you have no time? The Youth shared some interesting and inspiring experiences from their own lives and seva activities. We are grateful to these youth for sharing these gems.

The process of preparing YAP helped us to engage in satsang and we learnt a lot from each other. Working with my fellow Sai Youth was such a joy. At times we laughed so much that we were practically in tears! The preparation was a nice way to constantly be thinking of Swami's messages. For example we would be reading and replying to our emails to develop the presentation, play etc, and so whether on the bus or on lunch breaks, we were focused on how we are going to make our lives HIS message!

For me personally it inspired me to serve more in the wider community and has also positively changed my attitude towards my own work, where I had been struggling in the few months before our YAP.

I look forward to the next YAP, and hope to see you there.

With Love & Light
Harrow East Youth Co-ordinator, Region 2