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Region 4 - SSE Study Day

On Sunday 11th March the SSE Group 3 and Group 4 (formerly LOTUSS) of Region 4 came together in Leicester with the most captivating, humbling and hilarious guest speaker – Dr. Mahesh Narayan. With a depth of spiritual knowledge and personal experiences he enlightened everyone around the topics of good company, karma and faith. The interactive sessions started off with a discussion on the companionship of Krishna and Arjuna from the Gita. Dr. Mahesh gave some practical examples which everyone could relate to in their daily lives.The importance of good company was stressed upon as also the adverse effects of bad company.

We briefly discussed karma – meaning the act of doing action, nishkama karma – doing desireless action and akarma – action that is done without any intention to gain the consequences by dedicating all action to GOD.

With excitement we moved on to talk about faith interactively. It was evident that faith meant shradha and not bhakti (devotion) as some thought. Even though we are all born with faith some people needed an experience to awaken the faith which may be dormant. However, Swami states ,

"...Some declare, "Experience first, faith next." This is similar to the declaration, "Swim first, water next." Have faith enough to practise the advice; learn to revere the directives. Then you attain the experience - SSS vol15-26.

Adi Sankara, in his Kathopanishad commentary defines Shraddha as Astikya buddhi.

Dr.Mahesh illustrated this with an example where by two people were fishing for days and one gave up after awhile thinking there was no fish in the lake, but the other continued in his firm belief that he would catch fish. True to his faith he eventually did catch fish.

The session was concluded with a question and answer session with a role play by each of the SSE Groups . It was a joy to see them shine in confidence and produce dynamic role plays in a matter of minutes on topics that were discussed.

Some feedback from the young adults :

"We really enjoyed the session as he related spirituality to our daily lives" – Trisha

"The delivery and stories were really good as we could relate to them in our lives "
- Akshay
Many of the other teens had similar views.

Most of us know that SSE education plants the seeds of human values into our children. As the children turn to their teens their minds start to become inquisitive and explorative, academic education appears to take priority. At this age it is even more important that they are guided and mentored to help awaken the discriminative power that’s dormant within.

Arun Gohil
Region 4