Maha Samadhi Day

The Divine Cosmic Consciousness, from time to time, crystallises into a human form with a name in response to the heartfelt prayers of human beings all over the world. For it is only in this way that human beings with their limitations can establish kinship with the limitless divine; can derive joy from the divine interaction; can be counselled to tread the right path; and can be transformed into divine themselves.

Such crystallisation is called an Avathaar, and our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was a Poorna Avathaar- a unique divine incarnation in totality! And we are the fortunate human beings to have seen and interacted with the Divine: Those fortunate few who have been touched, counselled, inspired and transformed by the Infinite Divine Cosmic Consciousness. And because of these experiences, for many in the Sai family, the Divine Cosmic Consciousness is no more a far-removed esoteric concept, but a live, dear and joyful, day to day experience. Jesus Christ has become real for us indeed! So also Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna and Rama and all other divine personalities that have incarnated on this planet over the ages.

Swami has explained Samadhi as ‘Sama-Buddhi’- an illumined Intellect that establishes steady-mindedness. Having used our senses thus far to experience the Divine, and having thus purified them, we should now remind ourselves on this Maha Samadhi Day to turn them inwards so as to get established firmly in this Illumination. The past year since He transcended from the Form to the Formless, seems to have passed very quickly; in fact, even the 85 years of our beloved Bhagawan’s sojourn on earth seem now to have passed by very quickly! Whilst we are filled with emotions, even the divine form was shown to us to be ephemeral! It is perhaps to remind us not to waste any more time in intensifying our Sadhana (spiritual effort) in prayers and loving service, for this is the royal path to Illumination that our Divine Master has shown us.

His Mission was to establish ‘Brotherhood of Man’. Let this become our Mission too on this day. Its practise however can only be accomplished through divine Love, by loving God intensely, by filling our hearts with His Love, and thereby expanding our hearts to reach out to our fellow beings in love and service. Devotees all over the globe are engaged in prayers in gratitude for His Love that He has so compassionately poured into our hearts in abundance. Let us rejoice for having been the recipients of this Great Benediction and this rare privilege. Let us fill ourselves with His Light, and spread this all around us joyfully. Let us not fritter away this golden opportunity bestowed on us. Let us truly become His Channels, His Instruments, and live our lives as a reflection of His Message.

Lovingly, In Sai Service

Dr Kiran Patel
National Chair

Central Council of United Kingdom
Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation