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Region 1 - An Evening with Brother Sri Sanjay Sahni

'Every word of Bhagawan is a Mantra'- Sri Sanjay Sahni

Brother Sri Sanjay Sahni completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1983 from Sri Sathya Sai University. He received a gold medal for this degree and later pursued his Masters in Commerce in that same University. He again managed to achieve another gold medal on his post-graduation. Subsequently, he joined the Prashanti Nilayam Campus of his alma mater. He then became the warden of the Sri Sathya Sai Boys’ Hostel in the same campus in 1992. Later he moved to the Brindavan Campus and currently he is the Principal of this campus.

A large crowd of Sai devotees including youth and children of Region 1 were gathered at Sai Mandir on Friday 4th May for an evening with Brother Sanjay Sahni as he shared his divine experiences with Bhagawan. The anecdotes not only mesmerised the crowd, but also brought laughter and curiosity upon the faces of the young Balvikas children. There was something for all!

‘What is a mantra?’ Asked Brother Sanjay Sahni, and he answered, it means, ‘Mannanttrayateiti Mantrah – That which contemplated upon, protects us’. He gave an example from the Bible when Jesus said, ‘Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the lips of the Lord’.

Brother Sanjay then spoke about the opportunity that devotees had for decades to listen to the Lord, to hear Him at a one-to-one level, whether it would be a group of people or a large crowd at Prasanthi Nilayam or places where He would visit. Swami would interact with everyone, no matter whether they were young or old. Brother Sanjay Sahni said that doctors make medicine by using many types of mixtures, so in the same way when our Beloved Lord speaks, it becomes the same as a mixture instead of a lecture. He gave an example about the times when Swami would break the connection in the sentences of His discourses. On one occasion, a devotee was worrying about his children while Swami’s was giving a discourse in the Sai Ramesh Hall. Suddenly Swami started to speak about parents worrying about their children. At that instance the devotee’s attention drew back to Swami’s talk and he was relieved. After a while Swami would then speak about another devotee’s problem. Every individual listening to it, would feel that the statement was meant only for them. Brother Sanjay again assures us that this is just one example of how our Lord connects with us at an individual level.

This magnificent, enthralling and inspiring evening concluded with devotional singing and Aarati.