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Region 8 - Easwaramma Day Celebrations

12th May 2012

With the Divine blessings, Region 8 celebrated Easwaramma Day on 12th May 2012 at the Perth Station Hotel. We were blessed with a glorious sunny morning and clear blue skies; a fitting day for a celebration of the glory of motherhood.

The celebrations began with vibrant chanting of Omkaars and the Gayathri mantra followed by beautiful Vedic chanting by the SSE children of the Ganapathi Atharva Shirsham and Mantra Pushpam. SSE children from centres across the region presented their heartfelt offerings of dance, songs, a mime show, speeches and plays with the common thread throughout being the importance of mother and how she selflessly sacrifices her own desires to fulfil the needs of the family.

A workshop for the adult devotees was also conducted to discuss the importance of each of the five mothers in our lives. The message that came out of the workshop was that our physical mother (Dehamaatha) is our first God whom we must respect and make proud. We also discussed the various other significant forms of mother including: Gomaatha (the cow that gives us sustenance in the form of milk); Bhoomaatha (the land that grows the crops which feed the body); Deshamaatha (our Motherland or country that gives us protection, care, love, rights and the chance to serve) and Vedamaatha (the heritage of spiritual treasure that reveals the aim and purpose of human life to help us progress towards the goal of self-realisation).

The children along with their SSE teachers put in a tremendous amount of hard work in preparing each of their presentations. It was wonderful to see devotees from all the centres coming together and organising this wonderful event.

Both the adults and children had a truly spiritually uplifting day thoroughly enjoyed by all. The day closed with beautiful bhajans sung by the SSE children followed by aarathi. We thank our beloved Mother Sai for this wonderful opportunity to be unified in satsang as one Sai family.

Sai Ram
Region 8