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Region 2 - Young Adults Programme: “Meet the Stranger”

On Sunday 27th May London West, Harrow West and Heston Sai Youth from Region 2 gathered for their monthly Young Adult Programme (YAP). This month’s YAP session was the first of a kind to be based around the Service Wing.

The R2 Youth were invited by Lambeth Interfaith Organisation to attend and the event was entitled “Meet the Stranger”, whereby youth from the Sai Organisation were able to engage with those from the Christian and Other Faiths that were present.

This day held a special august gathering commemorating “Pentecost” which is defined as the fiftieth day after Easter; following the descent of Jesus Christ. Some therefore describe this day as the “Birthday of the Church”.
The Parish Service commenced with a reading from the Bible followed by the singing of melodious hymns in great unison. Following we witnessed the baptism of four children in the presence family, friends and well wishers.

Thereafter the Head of the Parish, Father Steven Tricklebank stepped into the gathering and recited a beautiful passage where Jesus referred to the advocate of God and tells his disciples ‘ The One who Sent me will come ’ The atmosphere in the Parish felt electric as we knew Jesus was referring to our own Bhagwan, Sri Sathya Sai baba! Jesus mentioned in the chapter, how he had to tell this message now, in the present day as his disciples would not have understood it if it was told all those years ago.

Towards the end of the service, Ramesh Lingampalli (Heston Sai Centre Chairperson) was invited by Father Steven, to take to the platform and address the assembly. Ramesh mentioned that the main aim as a multi-faith organisation was to provide an opportunity for men, women and children of all faiths to gather together and find the way to progress along their own spiritual paths, and to help others on this same journey. Ramesh talked about the five human values as being the formula for leading a meaningful life and also stated that the message of Love All Serve all, will lead mankind from the pain of Darkness to the light of immortality. Ramesh finished on a beautiful quote given by Sathya Sai baba : “There is only one caste, The caste of Humanity, There is only one religion, The religion of Love, There is only one language, The language of the Heart, There is only one God, And He is Omnipresent!” The speech received a great reception from the gathering, and as well as Father Steven Tricklebank.

The Parish service then ended with the singing of hymns such as “When the Saints Go Marching In”. You could definitely feel the divine vibrations as everyone sung together in harmony. Sai Youth then partook in the communion where the Priest individually blessed everyone. The last part of the day was then wrapped up with a vegetarian barbeque lunch specially organised by the Church in the warm and pleasant weather outside. This made everyone feel very welcome and made an amiable atmosphere to engage with those eager to understand each-other’s faiths and spiritual practices in more depth.

Overall this was an awe-inspiring meet and greet with the Interfaith community which will no doubt lead to sustainable service work together in the future. These kind events may also help us all to feel no distinction or separateness between our faiths, races, nationalities or sects, but to unite all as part of one multi-faith service organisation, which can spread and far-reach the universal message of Love.

Vishal Paul,
Youth Co-ordinator, London West Sai Centre