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Region 6 - Youth Satsang: "Making our Lives Swami’s Message"

Thank you Swami, thank you Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation and thank you to all He has used as an instrument to reinforce His most beautiful teachings. Swami has so lovingly and kindly given us the most precious and profound jewels of life – the teaching of truth and love.

It is very easy to lose sight of why the organisation was created and forget the many reasons to feel gratitude for God. Therefore, the Region 6 Youth Sathsang held on 20th May was a brilliant tool for us to feel gratitude and love for Swami and His sacred teachings. The programme was, in all honestly, carefully crafted to arouse our spiritual awareness and understanding of Swami’s message.

The day began with a beautiful and inspirational video of Sai Baba’s message to the youth and a thought provoking quotation from the “Guidelines to Active Workers of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisations”:

‘The sole objective of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation is to enable man to discover his innate divinity, regain his self-confidence, and faith in God. The faith derived from the faith in self from Faith in God, will be enduring and ever-sustaining. The objective of the SSSO is to make people again become aware of this truth and to live in that awareness.’

Following on from this extract, questions were explored in groups the feedback from each question was as follows:

What spiritual programmes and practices has Swami recommended for all people and how do we use these to enhance all aspects of our lives?
There are many programmes and practices that we can undertake such as: meditation, japa, prayers, and regular study of spiritual literature, seva activities, Ceiling on Desires, study circles and so forth. Swami has given us these spiritual aids to help us to control our senses and mind, and to help us to reach or realise our ultimate goal - that we are Divinity.

These practices are inter-linked and it helps us to create a balance in our lives by creating unity in our thoughts, words and deeds, that we are ultimately not the “DO-ER” and this surrendering of “ego” helps us to attain Self-Realisation.

What spiritual programs and disciplines chosen personally and part of the Sai organisation, enable, facilitate and enhance the spiritual transformation in us?
The body was given for us to understand our true self- that we are God. We have ourselves created a gap of duality which has been enhanced by the Maya [illusions] around us. This illusion has been created by the mind, however it can also be the key to liberation as Sathya Sai Baba says ‘Manah Eva Manushyanam Karanam’ [the mind is responsible for both bondage and liberation]. The mind can distract us by our thoughts by pondering on the past and future and thus controlling our mind to be in the present time is vital.

The gap of duality can be reduced by having a true understanding of just BEING, living in the PRESENT, using LOVE in action and being aware of who we really are - ‘GOD’. We feel incomplete and therefore go seeking outwards for completeness and engage with activities that serve this purpose. This is where our Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation becomes a vehicle in our spiritual transformation journey. This journey has many paths for individuals to embark on and there is no right or wrong path as we are all embodiments of love.

The SSSSO has many wings; Spiritual, Youth, Service and Education which gives us the opportunity to serve. These include study circle, reading books, singing bhajans, service activities etc

However, participating in the SSSO is determined by the individual’s level of motivation, acceptance, receptiveness and having unfettering faith in God. Swami has given us all the spiritual tools yet there is resistance to embracing these whole heartedly. How lucky are we? We have been offered the most profound jewels of this world by God, yet we decide to chase the most worthless material objects in life.

We should be honoured to take part in Swami’s activities, when there are opportunities for service we should grab it whole heartedly, for we are serving no other but ourselves. It is no wonder that Sathya Sai Baba says: ‘hands that help are holier than the lips that pray’.

A new youth member joins the centre group for meetings. What teachings of Sathya Sai Baba do you feel are important that you would discuss with them and why?

Love is the universal force that sustains everything and Love is God and God is Love. As Sai Baba says “only in loving can the embodiment of love be gained,” and Sai Baba is the embodiment. Listen to His words: “I am the embodiment of love; love is my instrument. My message is Prema (Love). My activity is Prema. My teaching is Prema. My way of life is Prema. There is nothing more precious within human grasp. And “The sole purpose of your incarnation is to grow in love, expand that love and merge with God who is Love, and this is best done through service.”

The fundamental teachings of Swami are Love All, Serve All and practising the human values which are Love, Peace, Truth, Non Violence and Right Conduct. But ultimately we need to expand our love to everyone we meet and welcome and help them on their spiritual journey knowingly or unknowingly just by our behaviour of Love in Action as demonstrated by our dear Lord.

The group feedback sessions were followed by guest speaker, Uncle Gulab who directly served Swami and was responsible for the Seva Dal’s in Kenya during Swami’s visit. His sharing of personal experiences re-enforced the blessing of service and Swami’s beautiful message. He worked hard to enable the youth to take part in service activities, at a time when parents were reluctant for girls and boys to take part in the same activities. Uncle’s love and passion in serving Swami was felt by all even though he shared experiences from over 50 years ago!

The Sathsang was a great day; both spiritually stimulating and deeply thought provoking. I sincerely hope that many more sathsangs are planned, where more youth attend, for the organisation was created for our self-development to help us realise our true self.

Written by Active Youth in Region 6