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Region 7 - Laksharchana, Bristol

The Sai Group of Bristol organised a Laksharchana (chanting of the Divine name of Bhagawan Baba 100,000 times) on the 27th May 2012. The venue was the spiritually charged temple hall of the Bristol Hindu Temple. Over 130 members of the local community and beyond gathered and joined in the vibrant chanting and singing of the Lord’s name.

Everyone felt truly uplifted by the experience and vibrations created by repeating the Lord’s name. After the Laksharchana, we had the opportunity to hear some of the inspiring experiences of Mr. Vadgama, who had conducted the Laksharchana.

Everyone experienced the omnipotence of Bhagawan when Mr Vadgama spoke of a recent Laksharchana in Italy. Mr Vadgama told us of the Laksharchana, which was conducted in a hotel. The night before the prayer, devotees had decorated the hall and placed photos and flowers on the Altar. That night, there was an earthquake in Italy, and everyone arrived at the venue to find that the restaurant below the hall had significant damage, as did the office next to the hall. The hall however was unaffected. Every photograph and every flower was as it had been the night before, untouched by the tremors; Swami’s omnipresence and omnipotence was experienced by all present. The Laksharchana gave everyone great peace and happiness.

“The Name; it is that which will guard you and guide you throughout life......The mouth is the principal gateway of the body, and the tongue must always carry the name. Like a small lantern the Name must go when and where you go, and then you can travel easily through the whole forest of life”.
- Sri Sathya Sai Baba