Region 5 - Youth Sathsang – 3rd April 2011

“To be, to do, to tell” was put into practise by the Regional youths at the Second Region 5 Youth Satsang on the 03/04/2011 in Manchester. The topic was ‘Ceiling on Desires’ and the youths chose one or two components of COD and put it into practise for two months from January 2011. This helped them understand the topic and the challenges in putting it into practise even before coming to the satsang. The satsang was aimed at providing insights about how the practise of COD helps us in our inward journey (spiritual aspect) towards our Real Self (Bhagawan).

The day started with inspirational Vedam and Sai Gayatri dedicated to our Beloved Sai for His speedy recovery, followed by bhajans.

“What” component of COD have we been practicing?
For the past two months, all the youth in the region have been practicing a Ceiling on Desire focussing on saving money, time, food and/or energy. There was a lively discussion on WHAT the youth had given up during the past few months, and the challenges and successes that we each faced. The important topic of what the spiritual benefits we had each experienced during the period was also shared with one another.

"Where" should the COD start?
The main workshop session was led by our respected guest speaker, Yashwantbhai Patel from Region 4. He addressed the youth regarding the origin of our desires. An interesting question and answer session helped the youth come to understand the root of their desires. He encouraged us to love ourselves first, and then we will not desire anything external, but in turn will be more able to give love.

"Why" should we practice COD?
The final session explored WHY we should practice COD and the spiritual significance of sense control. This started with understanding the relationship between the Atma, intellect, mind, body and senses. We learned what Swami teaches us about the consequences of allowing our senses to empower our lives, instead of allowing our Intellect to shine and lead us on the Godward path.

We learned that material, worldly and physical desires are temporary and therefore we should not be attached to such things. We also discussed how an aspiration is still a desire if we are attached to the result. It is only a true and good aspiration if we become detached and surrender the results of our actions to God. By doing so we are becoming aware of the Divine power within us and diminishing our ego.

There was always the question of ‘what is a good desire and a bad desire and ‘how to live in this world without buying or wanting anything?!’ This led us onto Swami’s teachings on discrimination. Swami’s words helped us to come to a conclusion about how to know what is right to pursue in the world and what is a wrong desire.

"If it is good and will harm no one, go ahead. If it is not good, put it aside. If you are not sure, do nothing until you are sure" – Sri Sathya Sai (SSS v.13, ch. 9)

"How" can we utilise what we have saved?
The final aspect of the satsang placed emphasis on HOW we can continue to sustain our endeavours to practice Ceiling on Desires and HOW we can utilise the time, money, food and energy that we have saved. The Youth in the region will do service activities. The importance of helping the Sathya Sai School in Leicester was also discussed. We pray to Swami that the service activities will utilise our time, money, food and energy in positive ways. We also pray that with His Grace, this service will provide us with good company, and will keep the mind, body and senses occupied and focussed with wholesome and Godly activities.

The satsang ended with vibrant and energising bhajans and Aarthi.

We truly thank our beloved Swami for all that we learned and pray that He continues to guide us to becoming Ideal Sai Youth.

Written by Kailash Venkat (R5 Youth Coordinator) & Nishal Govindji (Youth Coordinator, Greater Manchester Sai Centre)