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Region 2 - Age Link Party – Love in Action and Unity in Diversity

20th May 2012, 2-5pm

Baba regularly reminded us that Service to man is Service to God. Many organisations exist in the world providing food, clothing, shelter etc. to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. The beauty of Sai Seva? Is doing all of those things, and recognising that we’ve been given the opportunity to serve, to infuse love into the heart of that service. Truly, we are not helping anyone but ourselves - purely because of the joy it gives us. Pinner Sai Centre in conjunction with Harrow West Centre has been supporting the Age Link charity for many years now. The core objective of this activity is to give Love and Joy to others.

Most of the guests who attended the Age Link party on 20th May 2012 rarely have visitors to their homes and often they have few family or friends. These parties are an outing for them to interact with people; people who care! One of the most common problems in the UK, as stated by Sathya Sai Baba in an interview to the UK Youth was that ’UK has a lot of mental problems, help them’. Mental problems can often stem from loneliness.

The Age Link party begins weeks, if not months before, making preparations for our divine guests because we want them to feel the principle of Athithee Devo Bhavaha. Together with Age Link, we made arrangements for our guests to be collected from their homes, at no cost to them. Before the guests started arriving, our volunteers were in the background warming up delicious food that was prepared lovingly in our homes. We arranged the hall to make our elderly guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

Athithee Devo Bhavah - there was an anticipation in the air just as if we were expecting Baba (in the form of our elderly guests) to walk through those doors any minute now for Darshan. As our guests started arriving, our eager volunteers assisted them to seats offered tea of coffee to start with. All the volunteers from Sai Organisation and from Age Link worked in unity. Baba says ‘unity in diversity will bring you closer to me’ There was no differentiation at all. Of course, when Love is present throughout, then all challenges can be handled in a spirit of understanding and togetherness.

Some of the elderly guests shared songs with us in old Hindi and English. They were reminiscing about the times when they first heard that song which took them back to that happy place in their hearts and minds. No party is complete without some games; we played Bingo. At our Bingo - everyone is a winner - and no one leaves empty handed! Would a mother let her child leave without something when they only visit once in a while? That is the Love of Sathya Sai Baba. The food, juices, teas and coffees were free flowing.

Our aim was to ensure that our divine guests felt the love and joy with which we wanted to serve and share. The smiling eyes and lips of our elderly guests said it all; volunteers and guests all were like one big happy family. Only Baba can create such as event and atmosphere. Love was being served in the form of food and companionship. The sense of joy was overwhelming. It’s as if they Swami himself was pouring out His Love through everyone present!

As we drew closer to the end of the programme we felt the truth of Shakespeare’s words, ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’. Announcements were being made by the Age Link Management to thank all involved for their hard work and effort in making this event successful. We thanked Baba, first and foremost, for this opportunity and for overseeing each and every little step. We had been given such a wonderful opportunity to make our lives His message. Swami has said, “I don’t want your devotion, I want your transformation.” This was an event where transformation took place. Even those who are not followers of Sathya Sai Baba, expressed thanks for his teachings to mankind. This event was truly Love in Action demonstrating Unity in Diversity.

Article submitted by Brother Vinesh Vaghela on behalf of Sai Centre Pinner