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Region 2 - Pinner Sai Centre Legacy Programme 2012

On Sunday April 29th 2012, Pinner Sai Centre honoured Swami’s first anniversary, when He transcended from the Form to the Formless. Swami came to Earth and left us a Legacy, just as did Jesus, Zoroaster, Krishna and Rama, to name a few divine personalities. The devoted and enthusiastic SSE children and teachers presented a performance called ‘LEGACY’’, which celebrated Swami’s teachings of the Unity of Faiths. The twelve SSE classes, ranging from ages 1 to 16 along with the SSE teachers offered sketches, songs, poems and video. We were blessed with a huge audience of devotees from other centres, as well as the children’s extended families coming along to view and support their humble offering. It was an interactive programme whereby the congregation most eagerly participated along with the children, in quizzes, Group Devotional Singing and clapping. The morning ended with a finale of songs from different faiths by SSE teachers, followed by Aarti, Vibhuti and Prashad. The seams of the hall were bursting from the vibrations of the morning.