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Region 5 - Cutting the Ties that Bind Workshop at Halifax

The Halifax Group came into existence towards the end of 2011. The group is just finding its feet and we were proud and excited to organise our first event in St Jude’s Church Hall, Halifax on May 27th.

It was a very bright and sunny day and around 40 devotees from Halifax, Bradford, Leeds and Manchester participated. The programme kicked off at 2pm with the lighting of the lamp while the vibrant Rudram was chanted. Bhajans followed for about an hour.

Neil Bisarya from Skelmersdale, conducted a meditation workshop. Neil completed training in Sri Sathya Sai Education in Human Values with Carole Alderman in 2006 and the 2 year training course to teach the Cutting the Ties that Bind Method with Phyllis Krystal.

All the devotees were welcomed and Neil was introduced to the gathering. He highlighted the subtle individual transformation brought about by Bhagawan through his message of love. Man can travel to the moon and dive into the depths of the oceans but he cannot perfect the art of loving everyone. Emptying the mind of negative thoughts is a process by which we realise the truth, i.e. Sathya. Getting rid of the weeds of lust, greed, anger, jealousy and attachment allows us to get in contact with the higher consciousness.

We are all bound by invisible chains that bind us, block us and keep us from being who we really are. These ties come from childhood, from family environment, culture, fears or reactions to events that took place years ago.

A method developed by Phyllis Krystal can help us to cut the ties that bind us to anyone or anything that acts as an authority and exerts control over us. Detachment from such control will allow us to remove the accumulated layers of conditioning which obscure the inner light of the higher consciousness or real self.

The exercises that are contained in this method can help to free us from everything that prevents the real self from being expressed through the exterior shell or receptacle comprised of the body, mind personality and ego.

The workshop was done in two parts of one hour each. The first hour we learned about and connected to the Maypole symbol. In the second half following the break, we learned about the figure 8 symbol and used it to cut ties to impatience, as that was a common theme for participants, and when Neil asked if that felt right for everyone, a flower fell from Swami’s photo as confirmation.

Brother Neil impressed on the devotees how, through the use of these symbols, we can contact our inner guide, our higher consciousness, to Swami within and cut the ties to whatever obstacle gets in the way or is blocking our spiritual progress. Our subconscious understands symbols rather than words, which is why this technique works so well. Connecting to the Maypole is a way of connecting and staying connected with Swami and allowing Him to flow through us and use us as instruments. Neil reiterated that by using these techniques we can overcome our daily problems including, for example, issues with people at work.

The workshop was followed by bhajans and Aarthi. Prasadam was served following the vote of thanks by Halifax Group Chair, brother Shankar.

The devotees went home thoroughly uplifted and it was a spiritually fulfilling day.

This event was well supported by the Manchester youth, Leeds Group and Lidget Green Centre. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Dr Vijayanand Nadella
R5 Spiritual Coordinator and member of Halifax Group