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Region 4 - Celebration Assembly at SSE in Coventry

Sunday 24th June 2012

The end of the SSE academic year was celebrated by recognising children’s achievements in an assembly with parents of SSE children, Office Bearers and devotees from the Sai Centre.

The celebration commenced after the usual SSE lesson with Jyoti Light Meditation, Ganapati Prathna, which the children had learnt confidently in a short period of time, Universal prayers and Aarti.

A spiritual quiz organised by Neelamben Sharma, an SSE parent and helper brought a lot of excitement and enjoyment. She challenged the children with her questions and the parents participated too.

Following this, Saisha Mistry, who is a member of the Youth and a former SSE student, was invited to present certificates, children's reports together with gifts to each child for completing SSE for the year. Saisha had given her time during her 'A-Level' studies to help out with SSE classes in the year and she also taught the Ganapati Prathna to the children along with another member of the Youth, Mukund Prajapati.

The parents appreciate the time children spend at SSE and the significant impact it has on their children. The feedback is that the children are demonstrating the values they learn at SSE in their daily lives.

Hasu Patel, SSE Co-ordinator thanked all the Gurus and helpers for their commitment and love to the children and presented each of them with a small token of appreciation.

The celebration ended with a delicious shared meal and an aura of happiness.

We thank Swami for the progression, growth and achievement our SSE children have demonstrated this year and for making this occasion very special.

Jai Sai Ram.
Kalpana Patel, Assistant SSE Co-ordinator