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Youth Wing - Sathya Sai Leadership Training Programme [SSLTP] Module 3

"Only the person who practices Sathya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema and Ahimsa, who experiences joy there from and shares that joy with others, can be called a leader" - (Foreword: Sai Baba's Mahavakya on Leadership, by Gen. M.L. Chibber)

The third module of the 2012/13 Sathya Sai Leadership Training Programme [SSLTP] was an all day event hosted by the SSLTP committee at Woodford Park in Woodley, Reading, on Saturday 16th June 2012. The day began with the committee and cohort equipping themselves with poised pens and open minds, not forgetting a most important warm cup of tea to hand. We were joined on the day by our National Youth Coordinator, Shyam Jamnadas.

Uncle Sri Kandiah orchestrated the day's events, guiding us first through a summary of the previous two modules to refresh our minds and clarify our thoughts. We were then asked to individually share which of our researched authors we admired most for their literature; or a leader who stood out for us with their teachings which we held closely to our hearts. It is interactive activities such as these, where the group shares their experiences and lessons learned that make the programme unique. Although there is an underlying focus which we are drawn back to, there is also a natural progression in the dialogue through each contribution made, which is miraculous as it is these inputs which answer questions we may have been shy to ask or even alleviate qualms within.

Before lunch, Uncle Dushy Selvaratnam walked us through a review of our assignments which were set following week two of the programme. His discussion centred on presentation and critical analysis, this involves leaders remaining impartial in their judgement by looking at both sides of the coin, regardless of the argument at hand. This personally proved difficult, as our assignments challenged us to write about leaders who we aspire to and what values they portray which in turn inspire us.

Through our working lunch, each student spent time with their mentor to receive individual feedback on their essays and specific areas which we could better in our next assignment. Furthermore they assessed how we contributed in the prior modules not just in terms of context but delivery too and most importantly, both where and how we can improve.

Following a glorious lunch, we returned to group discussion which retained a real business-like tone with models such as the Total Quality Management and case studies including John Lewis and the NHS coming to play. The programmes relevance to everyday life was exemplified when we considered hurdles which most workers come across at some point in their careers including 'managing your boss', staff and peer relations and career progression of yourself and other individuals. The committee supplemented this by focusing on our role in the work place and how we must network to achieve two-way awareness, this is being conscious of things happening within the office and also making your presence and capability known to others. The committee would also provide us with advice in each of these areas which was typically founded by the five human values, Love, Peace, Right Conduct, Truth and Non Violence to show how relevant Swami's teachings are in our daily lives, after all, "Duty is God ; Work is Worship" (Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. V111).

The days learning ended with a group session on the role of managers and leaders but more importantly their distinguishable features. The programme drew to a close in typical fashion with two beautiful Bhajans followed by Aarti.

Punit Ghumra, Region 1
(SSLTP Candidate 2012/13)