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Region 5 - Summer Bhajans at Gita Bhavan Hindu Temple

10th June 2012

Every New Years Day for the past 15 to 20 years, the Gita Bhavan Hindu Temple in Manchester has invited the local Sai Centre to sing Sai bhajans. The temple is usually overflowing for this event, with over 400 people and standing room only. This year the priests at the temple invited us to visit during the summer to sing more bhajans as they felt a year was too long to wait! So on 10th June, members from Greater Manchester Sai Centre and surrounding Centres in Warrington, Bolton, Bradford, and Halifax, gathered for 2 hours of Sai bhajans on a Sunday afternoon in the temple.

There were quite a few local temple-goers who attended to listen to the bhajans, and we followed the bhajans with a short talk about Sai Baba, His life, His teachings, His message, beautifully delivered by Bharat Sisodia. We also prepared leaflets about where the local Sai centre meets in case people were interested to find out more.

Singing bhajans in different venues is not something new for us Ė but having an opportunity to explain about Sai Babaís life and teachings is something we donít always get a chance to do. Many temples really enjoy and look forward to our Sai bhajans and we hope that as with the Gita Bhavan bhajans, we can use these opportunities to talk about Saiís life and teachings.

Saiís examples of service and love in action always move and inspire people, and for us as devotees, we can see and feel Sai very much alive in our hearts. Let us use these opportunities to continue to be inspired and to make our lives, His message.

Sanjay Vaja
Greater Manchester Sai Centre Spiritual Coordinator