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Region 7 - Guru Poornima in Cardiff

Sunday 8th July 2012
by Clare Pargeter, Chair Bath Group.

What a very beautiful and special day.

It started most auspiciously early in the morning with Suprabhatam, about forty devotees gathered in candlelight to awaken the Sai within each of us. After weeks of rain, the Welsh skies had cleared to the bluest blue and more devotees streamed in with the morning sunshine from all corners of the region to celebrate our love for our beloved Lord.

The entire day was intimate, harmonious and filled with love. Long term devotees from different centres and groups shared their personal experiences and uniquely individual relationship with Swami. We were transported back to Brindavan, sitting under the banyan tree, or in the sand at Prashanti, having the freedom to perform pradakshina round and round the mandir early in the morning before Omkar....

Our two guest speakers, Vidyu and Mahesh Narayan brought tears of joy and bliss to our hearts by recounting wonderful stories of Swami’s omniscience and our hearts were overflowing with gratitude that we should have been born at this time to witness and share these wonders and be reminded by Swami’s clarion call of Premaswarupalara.

Chants from many different faiths were simultaneously chanted, reminiscent of some of the wonderful festivals at Pranshanti, a cacophany of sound adoring and worshipping God in different languages and from different cultures. Bhajans and Devotional Singing, as always, raised the energy refreshing and reenergizing our souls.

Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments were prepared, cooked, served and eaten by all the various groups who attended, a true sharing. The lunch that was prepared was also packaged by devotees whilst chanting the Lord’s name and these parcels of Love were distributed at the local homeless shelter. The SSE children also baked and decorated fairy cakes for the homeless and all who had gathered.

We all left completely satiated, filled with Swami’s Love and Blessings.