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Region 4 - Olympic Values - Children of Sathya Sai EHV Good Values Club, Leicester

The children of the Sathya Sai EHV Good Values Club had ‘Olympic Values’ as their club theme last half term. We had different activities related to the Olympic values, as shown in the Get Set Programme of the Olympics.

On 3rd July 2012, the Olympic torch passed Abbey Primary Community School in Leicester. On the day, we organised a free Olympic breakfast which was attended by more than 400 parents and children. We displayed the five values logo on the route of the torch and some children made a big values torch.

The organisers asked one of our children to run up and down the road with the values torch, before the actual torch arrived. The crowds cheered Tia and she had her picture taken with the actual torch bearer. The torch bearer remarked that the values torch was bigger than his. We told him that was because the values torch lights the values in us to shine forever.

Dipak Kumar